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Village Hall and Community Centre Capital Grant Scheme

Please visit this page for more information on the Village Hall and Community Centre Capital Grant Scheme

Guidance Notes for applicants

Before developing your project plans and submitting an application please read these guidance notes carefully

The Grant Scheme

The grant scheme is for projects that are of a capital nature that will improve the use of the building and enhance sustainability for example by improving energy efficiency to reduce on-going running costs.

Who can apply?

You must be a voluntary hall committee or a constituted voluntary steering group for new halls and property must be or will be held on model trusts for village halls, or the equivalent, or have a model constitution for a Community Centre (please refer to conditions for grant aid below).

Who cannot apply?

Parish Councils, Parochial Church Councils or committees of single organisations such as Women's Institute, Scouts or British Legion etc, nor can an individual.

When to apply

Applications can be submitted to the District Council at any time and will be judged on their individual merits according to the grant criteria on a first come first served basis. 

How much can we apply for?

The District Council's contribution will be up to a maximum of £10,000 including any non-recoverable VAT or up to 50% of total project costs whichever is the lesser.

Is there a minimum project cost?

Projects must cost a minimum of £2,500 or more in total including VAT

What kind of projects will be funded?

Typical projects could include new and replacement halls, extensions, improvements and modernisation. General maintenance, decoration, floor sanding, equipment etc. will not be funded.

Projects that promote energy efficiency/renewable energy are encouraged. However, applicants for renewable energy projects must be able to demonstrate that they have first addressed energy efficiency measures to ensure value for money of the investment. (There may be restrictions regarding the ability to claim feed-in tariff if public funding is utilised for capital costs and it will be the applicant's responsibility to check the regulations in this regard).

What conditions must be met to qualify for grant aid?

  • A grant application cannot be made for work that has already commenced or has been completed.
  • The property must be held freehold or leasehold with a minimum of 28 years remaining of the lease term and be held on the model trust for village halls or model constitution   for a community association. The Community Council will be requested to confirm the legal documents of the hall meet these conditions.
  • The Constitution must not have restricted use - halls will be required to demonstrate that there is open access to all sections of the community.
  • Halls applying must show a high level of management this may be by having achieved Hallmark Level 1.
  • There must be a genuine need for the project and evidence of local support bearing in mind other local facilities. You can demonstrate this by supplying the results of a community survey or by providing letters of support from users or potential users.
  • There must be evidence of financial need for grant funding - Applicants must provide accounts for the last two years with estimates of income and expenditure for the current year.
  •  The applicant must be able to meet their share of the cost of the project and future running costs.
  •  The District Council will expect to see evidence of local fundraising, including a significant financial contribution from the local Parish/Town council, to demonstrate local support for the project. No minimum level has been set for a Parish/Town Council contribution, however a realistic financial contribution related to the cost of the project and/or size of the community is expected.
  • The hall must have adequate insurance cover to meet current re-building costs.
  • Provision to meet the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 must be included in project plans where appropriate.
  • A specification for the work and a minimum of two valid quotations or estimates from a contractor or a quantity surveyors report must be submitted with the application. Once grant is approved it cannot be increased if the actual cost exceeds the estimated cost. The Council must be advised of substantial changes either up or down of the cost of the project during the period when the grant is under consideration.
  • Payment of grant can only be made against copy invoices of actual expenditure incurred. The first claim must be for construction work and cannot be for architect/surveyor fees or other professional fees. However, these can be claimed once construction work is underway.
  • Successful applicants must agree to acknowledge the financial contribution of the Council to the project in all publicity and to display a plaque supplied by the Council in/on the building once work is completed.

When can we start work?

You must not start work until you have received written confirmation from the District Council and agreed to the terms of the grant.   We intend to inform applicants if their application has been successful within one month of receipt. The project must be commenced and the first grant claim submitted by 31st March in the year in which the grant was awarded.

How long do we have to complete the Project?

Projects must be completed and the final grant claim made within the three years commencing 1st April in the year that the grant is awarded (it may be possible to negotiate deadlines depending on individual circumstances at the discretion of the Council). 

Application forms and guidance notes are available for download below.  You can also get in touch with the the Housing, Health and Wellbeing Team via the contact details below for postal or email copies of forms.

By applying and accepting a grant from Sedgemoor District Council you are agreeing to comply with Sedgemoor's Grant Publicity Guide. This is available for download below.

pdf SDC Application Form [490.1KB] pdf Grant Funding Publicity Guide May 2018 [638.08KB] pdf SDC Guidance Notes for Village Hall & Community Centre Capital Grant [186.27KB]