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Together Teams: working together for better communities

Please visit this page to find out more about the Together Teams - including how to reach the team.

  Together Team  


Where are the Together Teams based in Sedgemoor?

The Together Teams are now established in 3 areas of Sedgemoor:

  • East Bridgwater covering Sydenham, Bower, Dunwear
  • South Bridgwater covering Hamp, Stockmoor + Wilstock
  • Highbridge & Burnham on Sea covering all communities in this area

These areas have been selected as they represent the most vulnerable communities based on measures of deprivation.

What do the Together Teams do?

The Together Teams are a multi-agency partnership working to help build a stronger sense of community. We do this through two strands of work: case management and community development. The team's aim is to act as a 'one-stop shop' of support.

We adopt an outreach approach to meet the needs of individuals and families working with residents to reduce crime, anti-social behaviour and financial hardship whilst improving quality of life, access to work opportunities, volunteering and training.

Partners meet on a weekly basis with the Together Team Coordinator to discuss current cases and bring together knowledge and resources to best support residents and resolve problems or complaints in the area. This is the case management element of the team's work. Residents living within the Together Team areas will still maintain contact with individual organisations and these organisations will be working 'Together' behind the scenes. Residents can get in touch with the Together Team directly to self-refer and ask for support and help or to raise concerns about a problem or issue within the area.

The Together Team also seeks to encourage resident involvement and to help make the local area an attractive, welcoming and accessible place. The team organise events and activities for residents to attend, learn new skills and join together as a community.

How to find out more and get in touch?

To find out the latest news and information you can like our  Facebook page.

The team can be contacted via:

  • Visit: our new community hub open from 10am to 4pm Tuesday to Friday. The hub is accessed from Fairfax Road in Hall Two to the rear of Sydenham Community Centre. Either drop-in or call the below number if you would prefer to make an appointment
  • Kristy Blackwell - Together Team East Bridgwater
  • Call: 01278 435216
  •, Mobile: 07717 727443
  • Write to: Together Team - East Bridgwater, Hall Two of Sydenham Community Centre, Parkway, Bridgwater
  • Visit: our new community hub is accessed from Rhode Lane called the Together Team South Bridgwater, Grenville House, TA6 6JE
  • Rob Semple - Together Team South Bridgwater
  • Email:, Mobile: 07876 131091

How to be referred for support:

You can review the below leaflet for more information and to consider giving consent to Together Team to share and discuss your case details. Before completing the leaflet please make contact with us to discuss your needs, we will then discuss referral into the team.

What organisations are in the Together Team East Bridgwater partnership?

Find out more about our partners here.

Events and activities

Find out more about events and activities available in Together Team areas on this page.

pdf East Bridgwater - Together Newsletter: Edition 1 September 2016 [1.66MB] pdf East Bridgwater - Together Newsletter: Edition 2 March 2017 [3.08MB] pdf Together Team Information and Referral Leaflet [970.14KB]