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Swimming in Sedgemoor

Sedgemoor District Council supports public access to swimming across the district.

Sedgemoor District Council supports residents to enjoy the benefits of swimming by funding three pools across the district.

The Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a great form of fitness for all ages and abilities. It helps to improve muscle definition and strength, build bone mass, maintain and improve flexibility, reduce inflammation and is a great calorie burner as well as being a good social activity. Sedgemoor District Council's Housing, Health and Wellbeing group recognises these benefits alongside the safety aspect of being a confident and competent swimmer from a child upwards. There are three pools across the district which the council supports and it is this support which helps to encourage residents of the district to access public swimming, children's swimming lessons and specialist water based exercise classes.

Funded Swimming Pools

The three funded swimming pools include:


1610 - Trinity Sports and Leisure in Bridgwater

Swim & Sports Academy

Burnham on Sea Swim and Sports Academy in Burnham on Sea

Kings Fitness & Leisure

Kings Fitness and Leisure in Cheddar

    Each of the three swimming pools runs its own timetable of activities and events for all ages.

    arrow1610 - Trinity Sports and Leisure arrowKings Fitness and Leisure