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Safer Somerset Business Partnership

Fighting Crime with a Business Partnership.

The Facts

The accepted estimate is that between forty to Sixty per cent of all crime affecting business (more specifically retail business) goes unreported. 

Business routinely gather information about losses and loss prevention incidents, they often detain offenders, record their details (including taking a picture if CCTV hasn't recorded one) for a civil prosecution or claim and then serve the offender with a banning order.

This means that businesses are storing intelligence and information. An offender may be known to an entire high street yet only have been reported to the Police once. This means that the Police treat them as a low risk offender if they are detained and consequently any treatment will be comparatively mild and runs the risk of alienating or souring the relationship between Police and Businesses.

Safer Somerset Business Partnership Overview

SSBP is a Council led crime reduction partnership that will help you combat crime and Anti-Social Behaviour in your community. All members will be exposed to crime and ASB and have either been a victim of crime or are likely to be a victim of crime. With the endorsement of Avon and Somerset Constabulary the Local Authority is now taking positive action and have formed the Safer Somerset Business Partnership or SSBP for short.

SSBP will provide Public area CCTV, Radio Link and the DISC database, in order to share intelligence, manage banning schemes efficiently, enhance security awareness, increase engagement levels, communicate with members and provide a link to Police and other DISC users. At the same time reducing administration tasks and costs. This will deter and prevent crimes like shoplifting, theft, violence and disorder to create safer shopping and business environments for both the day and night-time economies.

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