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Application Fees & Payment

In order for the Somerset Building Control Partnership to process a valid application a fee must be paid unless applying for a fee exemption. For a Full Plans Application the submission fee will need to be paid, inspections fees will be invoiced after the initial inspection has been made.

Please Note: If you would like to receive a quote for a building control application, you will need to perform a fee calculation on theFee Calculationpage.

This page is for application submission only and not for general enquiries. If you would like to make a general enquiry please use the SBCP Contact Us page.

Full Plans Applications

This type of application is required for all non domestic work and for the erection of more than two dwellings.

Drawings, details and other supporting information are submitted for checking and a formal decision notice is given. The advantage of using this method is that the plans can be examined and approved before work starts and the builder can follow the approved drawings in the knowledge that the work complies with the regulations.

Most applications are checked within 15 working days of deposit meaning even where work has started, problems can be identified before work reaches an advanced stage. Approved plans may be used for up to three years after deposit even if regulations change. When making an application using this method, the plan fee is payable when the application is submitted. The remainder of the total fee will be invoiced after the first inspection takes place.

To make a Full Plans Application, please fill out this form

Building Notice Applications

This is a less detailed form of application where minimal information is initially required and no formal decision is given. It can mean there is no delay while detailed plans are produced and there is no cost involved in the preparation of detailed plans.

The process of achieving compliance is much more heavily weighted towards the work in progress. This form of application is primarily intended for smaller domestic projects where detailed plans are not felt appropriate. Please note this type of application cannot be used for non-domestic buildings. Should you decide to use this route then the full fee is paid when you submit the building notice (this is the combined plan fee and inspection fee).

We would recommend that you should be totally confident that the work will be undertaken as no refund is available should you change your mind.

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Regularisation Application

Regularisation Application can be made where work was carried out after 11 November 1985 without plans being deposited or a Building Notice given. The local authority can ask for parts of the work to be opened up for inspection, or require further work to be done. It may not always be possible to establish compliance with Building Regulations, but where it is possible a Regularisation Certificate will be issued.

Exemption from fees – may be claimed for work to a dwelling or public building (theatre, library, public hall, school, place of worship) intended to facilitate access to or within the building or providing essential facilities for disabled persons; or for converting or extending a room in a dwelling to provide essential facilities that would otherwise be inaccessible; or to allow for medical treatment or the storage of medical equipment. (A “disabled person” means anyone within the description contained in Section 29(1) of the National Assistance Act 1948 (as amended).

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