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RLT3 policy contributions for Outdoor Sport

The aim of RLT3 Contributions (provision of Outdoor Sport) was to ensure that new housing developments (those granted consent prior to 01 April 2015) made an appropriate contribution towards the provision of additional facilities for outdoor sport in an area local to the development.

The developers contributions can be spent on providing new facilities and upgrading existing Outdoor Sport facilities such as;

  • Land acquisition,
  • Ground drainage,
  • Provision of grass pitches and associated equipment,
  •  Artificial playing surfaces,
  • Tennis Courts and bowling greens,
  • Pavilions/changing facilities,
  • Skate parks and BMX tracks,
  • related Car/cycle parking and access.

Council's, community groups, private sports clubs and Educational institutions can all apply for funding.

Application forms and guidance notes are available for download below.

All organisations must have their project endorsed by their Parish Council before submission of a full application. 

What happens once I have submitted my RLT3 application?

When an application has been endorsed by the  Parish Council the application will then be taken to the Parish Cluster who will decide on a recommendation to place before the Grants Award Sub-Committee at Sedgemoor District Council. A majority, of the cluster, should agree the proposal. 

If this is not achieved, the body requiring funding can still take their project to the Grants Award Sub Committee who will make the final decision. It should be noted that any project that meets the needs of the Playing Pitch Strategy should be given priority by that specific Parish Cluster Group. Please see dates of the Parish Cluster meetings in the related documents section below and ensure your application is submitted to the Parks Development Team 6 weeks prior to the meeting date for evaluation and circulation.

There is a useful information sheet and process map available for download below which goes in to more detail.

Dates of 2017-18 Grants award Sub Committee meetings:

Sub Committee DateDeadline for applications
23rd January 2018Deadline expired
6th March 201823rd January 2018

By applying and accepting a grant from Sedgemoor District Council you are agreeing to comply with Sedgemoor's Grant Publicity Guide. This is available for download below.

pdf RLT3 Application Form 2017 [276.98KB] pdf RLT3 Guidance Notes 2017 [290.79KB] pdf Grant Funding Publicity Guide February 2017 [275.29KB]