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Bank holiday rubbish and recycling collections

Monday 28th May - Friday 1st June:

All collections during this period will be one day later, including Friday collections taking place on Saturday.
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Sedgemoor District Council's Performance

Sedgemoor District Council is committed to continuous improvement in the way it works and the services it provides.

Performance Management is crucial to ensure the Council is delivering the best we can for our residents and visitors. We understand that our customers expect the Council to deliver its key priorities and day-to-day services in the most efficient and effective way possible.

To achieve this we monitor our performance on a daily basis through our computer system, "Pentana Performance", and through regular reporting to the Council's Executive Committee and Management Team. This helps us to identify areas that are performing well and identify opportunities for improvement. We use it as a key learning and improvement tool across the organisation.

Our performance management cycle provides the opportunity for councillors and managers to scrutinise our performance - we report monthly to Strategic Management Team and quarterly to the Executive. A range of information is included, in particular progress against our Corporate Strategy Priorities and activities for the year.

The "Corporate Dashboard" provides an overview of performance against our priority themes of Customers & Efficiency, Economic Growth and Housing Health & Well being. It shows the progress we have made against key actions, operational delivery, recommendations from our auditors and in our set of local performance indicators.

The "Corporate Performance Report" contains a range of additional and supporting performance and management information on other aspects of the Council. This includes a summary of our financial position, latest customer satisfaction rates and Human Resource position.

The latest reports can be downloaded below.

Quarter 1 2018/19

The Quarter 1 Performance Reports are scheduled to go to Executive on 4th July 2018.

Quarter 4 2017/18

Icon for pdf Corporate Dashboard Qtr4 2017-18 [2.97MB]
Icon for pdf Corporate Performance Report Qtr4 2017-18 [2.33MB]

Quarter 3 2017/18

Icon for pdf Corporate Dashboard Qtr3 2017-18 [1.34MB]
Icon for pdf Corporate Performance Report Qtr3 2017-18 [2.18MB]

Quarter 2 2017/18

Icon for pdf Corporate Dashboard Qtr2 2017-18 [1.17MB]
Icon for pdf Corporate Performance Report Qtr2 2017-18 [1.28MB]

Quarter 1 2017/18

Icon for pdf Corporate Dashboard Qtr1 2017-18 [1.14MB]
Icon for pdf Corporate Performance Report Qtr1 2017-18 [2.6MB]

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