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Reception is closed, but we are open for business.

Our reception at Bridgwater House is currently closed, but Council services remain operational. You can contact us by calling 0300 303 7800 or by emailing

Open data

Sedgemoor District Council's data library.

Why we publish Open Data

As a commitment to accountability and transparency, we are working to provide a wide range of raw data so that others can present it in new ways, mix it with other data and use it for new purposes.

Our data is 'open' in the sense that:

  • You are encouraged to re-use it without permission.
  • It is in a format that you should find easy to use.

All of the data sets are provided under the terms of the Open Government Licence unless explicitly stated otherwise. You will see that this licence encourages you to download and re-use our data, which may include activities which generate an income.

For more information about open data in the UK, visit

Our Data

We publish data about:

We aim to get this data on the website within 8 weeks of the end of the month it relates too.

Data that can be found elsewhere

The Office of National Statistics hold 'neighbourhood statistics' for the Sedgemoor area:
ONS - Sedgemoor statistics

Please also check the web sites of other public sector bodies that serve your area. 

Freedom of Information

Please see Data Protection and Freedom of Information for our publication scheme.

To request data under the Freedom of Information Act, please contact the Data Protection Officer.

Open Data feedback

Any feedback you would like to provide about the data available here is appreciated. Please complete an Open Data Feedback form.