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Reception is closed, but we are open for business.

In line with government advice our reception at Bridgwater House remains closed. You can contact us by calling 0300 303 7800 or by emailing

Data Protection and Freedom of Information

Sedgemoor District Council has a Data Protection Officer who can offer advice on what information the council holds and what details can be given out to members of the public.

Data Protection

How do I see information held about myself?

Under Article 15 of the General Data Protection Regulation you are entitled to request information held about yourself by the Council. Contact the Data Protection Officer and ask for a Subject Access Request Form or download. 

Please complete the form and return to the Data Protection Officer.

Once the form has been received by us, we have 30 days in which to respond. If you can say on the form what you think might be held about you, this will speed up the process.

Any information held about you will be passed on to you but any reference to third parties will not be included without that third party's consent.

Freedom of Information

What is Freedom of Information?

Making a Freedom of Information Request

To make a Freedom of Information Request, please complete the following form online: Submit a Freedom of Information Request

Guidance notes for completing a Freedom of Information Request submission are available as a downloadable document here: Icon for pdf Freedom of Information - Submission User Guide [229.21KB] or as a video, below.

Publication Scheme

Icon for pdf Sedgemoor District Council Publication Scheme [198.52KB]

What is a Publication Scheme?

A publication scheme commits us to make information readily available. The Information Commissioner has prepared and approved a Model Publication Scheme, which was adopted by all public authorities on 1st January 2009. The scheme commits the Council to:

  • Proactively publish information that is covered by the definitions set out in the model publication scheme which is held by the Council
  • Proactively publish information in line with the statements contained within the scheme
  • Maintain and review the information covered by the scheme on a regular basis
  • Producing a guide to the information contained within each class (our website).

The Council's website is the guide to information that the Council publishes or intends to publish in the future, whether on paper, over the Internet or by any other means.

CCTV Images

What happens if I think CCTV images are held of myself?

In order to see a CCTV image held of you, please contact the Data Protection Officer and ask for a subject access request form or download one here.

You must state on the form the date and time that you believe the images were recorded and you must include a full face photograph of yourself. Please return the form to the Data Protection Officer.

Images of third parties may be blocked out.

Incorrect Information held about you

You can get in touch with us using the form on this page if you are concerned that information held about you is not accurate.

pdf Freedom of Information [312.16KB] pdf Freedom of Information Policy [217.93KB] pdf Subject Access Request Form [132.41KB] pdf Data Protection Policy GDPR [134.94KB] pdf Definition Document for The Model Publication Scheme [45.44KB] pdf Council Publication Scheme [54.79KB]