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Hinkley Point C

Sedgemoor District Council's role

Sedgemoor District Council is the Local Planning Authority for the area of Sedgemoor. Its duties include preparing and agreeing planning policy for the district and it processes Town and Country Planning Applications, as well as monitoring and enforcing them. The Council has pursued a leadership role in terms of developing the planning performance agreement, commissioning advisors and championing the need for community benefit. It has taken opportunities presented by the project to contribute to place making and regeneration as well as secure new forms of investment.

The Council has a pro-active external role, working to inform national organisations and working with partners on energy related projects including National Grid.

In relation to Hinkley Point C, the Council were consulted on the Site Preparation Works planning application for the project submitted to West Somerset Council and is one the parties to the section 106 agreement for it.

The Council was also consulted on the Development Consent Order for the main scheme which was then granted consent by the Secretary of State, and is party to the section 106 legal agreement for that too.

Several major elements of the main HPC project are located within the district such as the Cannington bypass, three of the park and ride sites, a large worker accommodation site, the wharf at Combwich with the freight lay down area: these sites are known as Associated Developments.

It is also expected that construction workers will reside more widely in the Sedgemoor area, living in owner occupied homes, tourism accommodation and the private rented sector. The supply chain will also locate in Sedgemoor. Both accommodation choices and employment uses are managed under 'business as usual', through local policy and supplementary guidance.

The Council as the Local Planning Authority has very careful regard to the interaction of all elements of the project including ancillary development, and their temporary or permanent effect on the area and key places, that is the towns and villages, affected. The overall approach being to maximise benefits and minimise impacts, and by ensuring there is a positive legacy for the area and its communities such as training and new employment opportunities, transport investment, new permanent homes on brownfield sites.

So the Council has multiple roles in connection with the project.

These include:

  • External liaison: working to secure community benefit, and as part of national group to influence projects and share knowledge.  Working with government through the Hinkley Strategic delivery forum and working with partners and colleagues across the South West on growth and priorities for investment.
  • Planning- establishing policy to help manage the project and wider ancillary applications, processing Town and Country Planning Applications, overseeing relevant planning requirements (conditions); ensuring obligations from the legal agreements are met and directing effort on mitigation, project monitoring and enforcement including overseeing management strategies and complaints management. Formal participation in Transport Review Group and the Socio Economic Advisory Group  to monitor compliance and impacts. Annual reporting and direction of mitigation planning through Priorities Plan.
  • Economic Development- working with the business community and investors to drive out positive outcomes, supporting local supply chain development, creating new employment sites, training and development through community outreach to optimise local labour, tourism development.
  • Transport- working with Somerset County Council and EDF Energy to monitor traffic and transport operations, delivery infrastructure as mitigation, manage change and on going effects and associated mitigation.
  • Accommodation- monitoring and management of accommodation choices, locations, effects to reduce impacts on the local community.
  • Environmental Health - noise and air quality monitoring, and advising on contaminated land, operating the Bridgwater harbour.
  • Mitigation -implementing mitigation measures through housing, leisure and community safety initiatives. Leading the development of new accommodation to contribute to our wider place shaping and housing agendas. Monitoring effects and mitigation through the Hinkley Member Monitoring Group.


A Planning Performance Agreement was signed by NNB GenCo, Sedgemoor District Council, West Somerset Council and Somerset County Council on 9th October 2009.  This was developed to establish a collective overarching vision and development objectives between all parties and has been agreed by the Members of respective Councils. It has served to inform the pre-application and wider planning processes including the management strategies. The Planning Performance Agreement vision and objectives will inform the operational implementation of the project as Councils and EDF Energy will need to be able to evidence and communicate how the objectives are being met to local communities.

Icon for pdf Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) [720.26KB]

Icon for pdf Planning Performance Agreement Article and Accompanying Paper [290.01KB]

EDF Energy took their Final Investment Decision in July 2016, and the UK Government signed the legal agreements to confirm delivery in September 2016. These decisions allowed EDF Energy to transition from the SPW to the DCO. As such, EDF Energy are now working fully under the DCO granted by the Secretary of State in 2013, with all aspects of the construction project now fully implemented. EDF Energy are aiming to deliver both reactors by the end of 2025.

The full details of the Site Preparation Works consent can be viewed at  West Somerset - Hinkley Preliminary Works

The full details of the Development Consent Order are available on the Planning Inspectorate's website which can be accessed using the following link: National Infrastructure Planning

EDF Energy reached an agreement with the local authorities to deliver almost £100m to avoid or reduce impacts of the project on communities and help them make the most of the opportunities, known as mitigation. This was secured via legal agreements. The Council monitors the legal obligations and payments.

Icon for pdf Site Preparation Works Section 106 Agreement [5.62MB]

Icon for pdf DCO S106 Agreement [3.23MB]

Icon for pdf HGV Variation S106 Agreement [10.48MB]

Summary of Project

Plans for the main site include the two reactors, turbines, a spent fuel store, a temporary jetty and accommodation for 500 construction workers in a temporary campus.

Associated Development

The associated development, largely in Sedgemoor, includes: refurbishing a wharf at Combwich, building a bypass for the village of Cannington, creating Park and Ride sites and freight logistics facilities and putting up temporary accommodation campuses for construction workers (approximately 1000 bed spaces in Bridgwater).

A summary of the Associated Developments can be viewed here  Icon for pdf Summary of AD site 19.07.17 [323.84KB]

Managing the Impacts

As the project unfolds, funds for housing and community impact mitigation have been released.  The Council will be leading a housing project to bid for funds to ensure further housing is provided in Sedgemoor to help accommodate local people. The Council will also be happy to provide advice on the legal agreements and the sort of activities or projects that may be eligible for community impact funds. Please follow the link:  Hinkley Point C Community Impact Mitigation (CIM) Fund The Priorities Plan refresh has also suggested priorities for mitigation measures to offset residual impacts of Hinkley Point C for 2018/19  Icon for pdf Priorities Plan refresh [1.25MB]

Contact Points:

The Council has established an internal Hinkley Programme Board to coordinate its activities with terms of reference and accountabilities linked into the Scheme of Delegation.

For further information on the project, please visit EDF Website:  EDF - Hinkley Point C

For any EDF/Hinkley Point C related queries please click on the following link to contact EDF energy direct:  Icon for pdf Contact Details - EDF HPC [77.3KB]

Hinkley Point C - Seizing the Economic Benefits

For more information, please read  Icon for pdf Hinkley Point C - Seizing the Economic Benefits [208.89KB]

Hinkley Deal

Government's confirmation of a 'Hinkley Programme for 2014/15'

EDF Latest HPC Updates

Find out what is happening now with the Hinkley Point C project.

Hinkley Point C Forums

Transport Review Group

The Transport Review Group (TRG) meets quarterly and EDF Energy provide a compliance report for discussion

Socio-Economic Advisory Group

The Socio-Economic Advisory Group (SEAG) meets quarterly and monitors the impacts on accommodation, employment and skills, supply chain, health, community safety and tourism.

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West Somerset has had a nuclear power station on the Bristol Channel coast since 1965 when Hinkley Point A began generating electricity.

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