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How much will my Council Tax bill be?

The council tax is set by your local council. The amount set depends on how much it, and certain other public bodies in your area, spend and how much money they get from elsewhere.

The amount you have to pay (before any reductions) also depends on which valuation band your home is in. The less expensive your home is the less you will pay.

The Valuation Officer is responsible for maintaining the Council Tax Valuation List which holds the bands of all the properties in England. Properties are banded based on their open market capital value as at 1st April 1991. A new dwelling will be placed into one of eight bands based on its value on 1st April 1991 if it had existed at that date.

The following chart shows Valuation Bands and the proportional charge which will be payable by households in each.

Valuation BandRange of valuesTax proportion payable relative to band D
Aup to £40,0006/9
Hover £320,00018/9


The Council Tax charge for the year is calculated based on a band D property. The other band charges are calculated proportionately as shown in the above table.

To find out the Band of a property, visit the  Valuation Office Agency

Can bills be reduced?

Bills can be reduced by:

  • Discounts - for example, for homes in which there is only one adult;
  • Benefits - for people on low incomes; 
  • Reductions for disabilities - for homes adapted for a person with a disability.

One or more of these reductions may apply to your home. If you think you may qualify for a reduction, or for more information please contact us.

If you are the sole occupier of your property and would like to apply for the Single Adult Discount please see

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