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With nearly 25 years' experience, Sedgemoor is a trusted provider of Monitoring Services.

Licensed by the Security Industry Authority, we work closely with the Police, other community partners and businesses across Somerset, monitoring  CCTV Camera Locations in key locations across Somerset and fighting crime in both daytime and night time economies.


CCTV Radio Business Radio service:

From under £5.00 per week, connect your business direct to our control centre - you get instant access to our trained monitoring officers who control the cameras and are in permanent dialogue with the local Police Officers. You will be issued with a handheld radio device which works via mobile networks - so no aerial is required. We'll show you how it works and help you make the best of the service. And we're always there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support you.  It's easy and affordable.

Payment is by direct debit.

CCTV camera Charging Options:

  • Option 1:(preferred) Direct Debit for the current fee, pro-rata over 4 or 12 months
  • Option 2: One year annual invoice inclusive of handheld rental at £360 plus VAT per year inclusive of sim, administration and support; to be paid in advance. A radio will be delivered on receipt of cleared funds.

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Premises monitoring:

We will shortly be offering a service, monitoring your premises and responding immediately to motion sensor activations by calling the police. Register your interest and watch this space for more information.


You can view testimonials from customers about Sedgemoor Monitoring Services at the following link:  Testimonials

About Sedgemoor Monitoring Services:

CCTV Camera Locations

Locations of CCTV cameras in Sedgemoor.

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