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Bulky waste collections

You can arrange to have some large items taken away which cannot be collected as part of your regular rubbish collection.

If you cannot arrange re-use, the Council provides a bulky waste collection and disposal service for up to 5 large household items.

What can be taken as a Bulky Waste Collection?

A single non-hazardous household item, that is either over 25kg in weight or too big to fit in a wheelie bin. Each individual item that needs lifting will be classed as one item.

The service collects fridges, freezers, washing machines, cookers, settees, beds, furniture, bathroom suites and other similar household items. A maximum of 5 items can be collected in any one visit.

For example, a bed will only be classed as one item if it is the base only. It will be two items if a mattress is included. It will be 3 items if the bed base has been separated into two. A headboard would be an additional item.

A three piece suite is 3 items not one. Similarly a bathroom suite; bath, sink and toilet would be three items.

Storage Heaters can be collected if the resident obtains and can produce a certificate from the manufacturer stating that the item does not contain asbestos.

Regular items we will not take:

  • A bundle of wood (Recycling Centre)                                       

  • Petrol Mower (Recycling Centre/ tanks drained and made safe)

  • Mobility Scooter ( Stair Lift Recycling UK will accept and refurbish old mobility scooters)                                           

  • Oil Tanks (Recycling Centres/ drained and made safe)

  • Paving Slabs (Recycling Centres/ charges apply)                                                

  • Bags of rubble (Recycling Centre/ charges apply)

  • Plasterboard (restricted number of Recycling Centres check website charges apply)

  • Broken Sheet Glass (Recycling Centres)                                

  • Bicycle/Tyres (Recycling Centres)

  • Car Parts/Tyres (restricted number of Recycling Centres check website charges apply)

  • Gas Bottles (Recycling Centres charges apply)     

  • Any type of Commercial waste

Charges and Payment

There is a charge of £43.00 for collection of up to three single items and then £11.90 for each additional item, up to a maximum of 5 items collected per visit. This is payable in advance at the time you order your collection.

To request a bulky waste collection please contact Customer Services. Payment should be made by either debit or credit card.

Please note there will be an administration fee of £15.50 for any collection cancelled within 48 hours of purchase. Refunds cannot be provided after this 48 hour period.