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Reception is closed, but we are open for business.

In line with government advice our reception at Bridgwater House remains closed. You can contact us by calling 0300 303 7800 or by emailing

Make a Planning Application

You can apply online for approval or download the relevant forms here. In common with all Local Planning Authorities, Sedgemoor District Council uses the national standard application forms.

Please read our COVID-19 and Planning webpage

Apply for planning permission

There are a number of different types of application and it is important that you find the right type of application for your development.

It is recommended that you read our Planning Application Validation webpage before submitting an application, this includes the council's Icon for pdf Local Validation Checklist [1.36MB],  you should read this document carefully to ensure that you include all the information required in order to avoid delays in registering your application.

You may also find our Pre-Planning Application Advice and our Our Planning Process  pages useful.

Sedgemoor District Council welcomes and encourages planning applications submitted electronically.

Submitting an Application 

As a consequence of the restrictions put in place by the Government to deal with the Coronavirus our staff are working remotely. Unfortunately due to constraints of remote working there is approximately a 4 week delay in processing applications. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes but hope you could bear with us given the unprecedented situation.

It will help speed up the determination of your application if you can provide comprehensive photographs of the site with your application.

Direct to Sedgemoor District Council

If you have provided applications or supporting information via post there will be a delay in processing them due to staff working remotely.

Please allow 1 working day for the application to be set-up on our back office system, we will then send a confirmation letter to the Agent (if applicable)/Applicant which will include the Planning Application Number.

  • Payments - you must quote the planning application number when making your payment. We accept payment via the following methods:
    • Cheque - made payable to Sedgemoor District Council
    • BACS - it is strongly advised that you inform us if paying via this method to prevent any delay in connecting your payment to your application (Icon for pdf Sedgemoor District Council Bank Details [292.66KB])
    • Debit/Credit Card (over the phone 0300 303 7805)

Via the Planning Portal

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Some developments are liable for CIL - it is important you know if this applies to your planning application. For further details please read our Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) pages.

Prior Approvals

A comprehensive list of all Prior Approval is available here, with their associated fees and links to their application forms.

Planning Applications

A comprehensive list of all Planning Applications, their associated fees and links to their application forms.

After the decision has been made

If your application has recently been determined that may not mean the end of the process. You may wish to appeal against a decision, apply for non-material minor amendments, apply for removal, variation of, or discharge conditions.

pdf Planning charges and application fees [533.65KB] pdf Map of Development Management Teams, Parishes and Parish Reference Numbers [635.69KB] pdf Local Validation Checklist [1.36MB] arrowOur Planning Process arrowPre-Planning Application Advice arrowPlanning Application Validation arrowEnvironment Agency Local Flood Risk Standing Advice for Sedgemoor arrowBiodiversity Checklist arrowSpecial Areas of Conservation (SAC) for bats - Technical Guidance arrowWildlife Assessment Check arrowAdditional Planning Guidance and Local Strategies arrowPlanning and Enforcement Privacy Notice arrowPlanning Portal arrowInteractive Mapping Online