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Our Planning Process

Find out what the Council's role is in determining planning applications, how the planning process works and the Council's adopted scheme of delegation.

The documents below provide further guidance to applicants and agents regarding the planning process undertaken by Sedgemoor District Council. It provides information regarding the Development Committee where interested parties can register to speak on an application prior to its determination by the Members of the Council. Information regarding Development Committee site visits can also be obtained.

Sedgemoor District Council's role in determining an application

Most new buildings or major changes to existing buildings or to the local environment need consent - known as planning permission. Without a planning system everyone could construct buildings or use land in any way they wanted, no matter what effect this would have on other people who live and work in the area.

Sedgemoor District Council is your local planning authority and is responsible for deciding whether a development - anything from an extension on a house to a new shopping centre - should go ahead. Sedgemoor District Council seeks to ensure that the right development is permitted in the right location. Our Service Standards for Planning are currently being reviewed and will be available shortly.

Within its role as the Local Planning Authority, Sedgemoor District Council is responsible for determining applications for many types of development. This can be on a delegated basis, whereby a planning officer assesses a development and considers its merits prior to determination by the Service Manager (Development Management).

Alternatively, for some applications that do not fall to be considered by the Service Manager, Sedgemoor's Development Committee will determine whether permission is granted, from major scale development for housing to smaller scale development. Below you will find further information regarding the Development Committee including public speaking time at meetings and the procedure for committee site visits.

pdf How the planning process works [107.87KB] pdf Pre-Planning Application Advice Guidance [283.24KB] pdf Summary of Scheme of Delegation [123.77KB] pdf Committee public speaking time [58.54KB] pdf Members site visits [148.99KB] pdf Planning charges and application fees [533.65KB] pdf Map of Development Management Teams, Parishes and Parish Reference Numbers [635.69KB] pdf Local Validation Checklist [1.36MB] arrowPlanning Online arrowMake a Planning Application arrowPre-Planning Application Advice arrowPlanning Enforcement arrowPlanning Portal arrowPlanning Portal - Guide to fees for Planning Applications in England