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Scale of Charges

This document sets out Sedgemoor District Council's Scale of Charges.

Season Tickets (Parking)

Request, cancel, or change the details of a parking season ticket.

Sewerage and drainage

Sewers and drains can be public or private. The responsibility of maintenance belongs to the water authority if they are public, or the owner of the property if they are private.

Social Care

Social Care information is provided by Somerset County Council.

Street Cleaning

The Clean Surroundings section at Sedgemoor District Council are responsible for keeping Sedgemoor clean. This includes beach cleaning, the removal of dead animals, dog fouling, flyposting and fly tipping, graffiti removal and more.

Street naming and numbering

The Council manages the naming of streets and the numbering or naming of properties within a street. It is important that you and your street can be located quickly by the emergency services.