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Christmas and New Year in Sedgemoor

Sedgemoor District Council will remain open for business as usual during the holiday period on all days except bank holidays.

Revised rubbish and recycling collection days are available here: Christmas & New Year Waste Collections


Data Protection

Sedgemoor District Council has a Data Protection Officer who can offer advice on what information the council holds and what details can be given out to members of the public.

Disabled Parking

Information and charges for public car parks provided by Sedgemoor District Council, as well as seasonal permits, residents permits and parking fines or Excess charge notices.

Document Library

Here you can find general Council documents which refer to the day to day running of the Council, policies and procedures for delivering high levels of service.

Dog warden

Sedgemoor District Council fulfils its duties to pick up stray dogs and enforce dog fouling legislation by the employing two full time dog wardens.


Sewers and drains can be public or private. The responsibility of maintenance belongs to the water authority if they are public, or the owner of the property if they are private.