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Sedgemoor District Council are reminding residents that there are no planned ordinary elections in Sedgemoor this May

However, do make sure that you are on the electoral register - contact your local council or go to

Abandoned vehicles

Sedgemoor District Council place great emphasis on the prompt and efficient removal of abandoned vehicles. The Council recognises that such vehicles are an eyesore, attract vandalism and are a potential danger to road users and children.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is for people who are unable to rent or buy on the open market. This includes social rented housing, new build Homebuy, shared ownership and other forms of sub-market affordable housing.

Anti-social behaviour

Since the launch of the Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Act 2003, the Safer Sedgemoor Partnership have made great progress in tackling ASB at a practical and strategic level.


Sedgemoor is the West Country's leading holiday destination - where the countryside meets the coast.