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Sedgemoor District Council are reminding residents that there are no planned ordinary elections in Sedgemoor this May

However, do make sure that you are on the electoral register - contact your local council or go to

Taxi Fares

Sedgemoor District Council sets a maximum Hackney Carriage (Taxi) tariff only. This means that the driver of the vehicle cannot charge more than this fare which will be also displayed on the taxi meter in the vehicle. The driver can however charge less than the maximum fare if they so wish on negotiation with their customer.

Taxi tariffs which are also known as taxi fares are agreed by Sedgemoor District Councils Licensing Committee at the request of the Sedgemoor Hackney Carriage Association who must apply to the Council to increase the maximum taxi tariff. The last increase to this fare/tariff was in November 2013.

The tariff charged by the driver will vary depending on whether the vehicle is a saloon type vehicle which has four seats (4 passenger seats), or whether it is a people carrier type vehicle which can seat from five up to a maximum of eight passengers. A taxi can never be licensed to carry more than 8 passengers.

A fare or tariff rate may also depend on what time of the day or night you make your journey, what day you travel, how many persons are travelling, or how much luggage is carried. For example if you travel in a 4 passenger seat vehicle between the hours of 07.00a.m until 23.00p.m on a Monday to Saturday you will be charged a standard tariff rate, but if you travel in the same type of vehicle after 23.00p.m or on a bank holiday you will be charged a higher rate adding on 50% of total fare.

pdf Taxi Licensing Policy 2017 [341.95KB] pdf Hackney Fares [177.74KB]