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Street Trading

There are restrictions on trading in certain streets and roads within the Sedgemoor district.

Restrictions are in place where trading is not permitted unless the trader has a Consent issued by the Council, the exception being if a person possesses a Pedlar's Licence.

Street trading may only be carried out in the under noted areas with the CONSENT of the Sedgemoor District Council.

(a) Town Centre Locations

Locations within the Sedgemoor District


Fore Street


Town Bridge

Penel Orlieu

Burnham on Sea

The Esplanade



*Maximum of 4 stalls i.e. 2 stalls up to 5m2, 2 stalls up to 7.5m2.  With exception of Carnival Day, only one trader will be permitted to trade in Fore Street.

(b) Other Urban/Residential Locations

Streets within the 30mph (or less) speed limit areas of Sedgemoor

(c) Lay-bys

(i) A39 Puriton Hill

Location: North side of A39, 1.5 km south-east of M5 junction 23.

Grid ref. 328405 to 329403

Dimensions: Length 215 metres, average width 7.4 metres, area 1,591 m2.

(ii) A38 Beggars Brook

Location: East side of A38, 0.1 km south of North Petherton.

Grid Ref. 289319 to 289320.

Dimensions: Length 190 metres, average width 8.4 metres, area 1,596

(iii) A38 Thurloxton

Location: South side of A38, 0.1 km south of Knotcroft Lane,

Grid Ref. 280299 to 282300.

Dimensions: Length 210 metres, average width 8.3 metres, area 1,743 m2

(iv) A38 Badgworth

Location: North side of A38 opposite junction to Badgworth.

Grid Ref. 393533 to 395533.

Dimensions: Length 136 metres, average width 8.7 metres, area 1,183 m2

(v) A361 Athelney

Location: South side of A361, 0.9 km east of East Lyng.

Grid Ref. 344294 to 347295.

Dimensions: :Length 364 metres, average width 5.55 metres, area 2,020 m2

(d) Prohibited Streets

All the main "A" class roads within the district of Sedgemoor and all areas subject to a 40 mph (or above) speed limit (including approaches to motorway junctions) are prohibited for the purposes of street trading, except in specific locations as defined in (a), (b) and (c) above.

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