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The Council

Getting in touch with us
Information on how you can contact us or visit our offices.
Councillors and Councils within Sedgemoor
Find out about your local Councillors and Councils.
Leader of Council's Office, the Chief Executive and Civic Office
Find out about Sedgemoor District Councillor's leadership.
Calendar of Council meetings and events in the Sedgemoor area
A monthly calendar showing what's happening in the Sedgemoor area - Council meetings, events, exhibitions and more.
Sedgemoor District Council background information
Read about the Council's history, our political and management structure, our role and constitution.
The Constitution
The Constitution determines how the Council operates, how decisions are made and procedures to be adhered to in order to be efficient, transparent and accountable to local people.
Council Tax
Find out if you may be entitled to a Council Tax discount, which types of dwelling are exempt from Council Tax, special reductions for people with disabilities, as well as details on how you can pay your Council Tax, and what can happen if you don't.
Legal Services
Procurement details, public protection orders, data protection, freedom of information and other legal matters.
Anyone with a valid e-mail address can submit or sign a petition.
Fraud and corruption
Sedgemoor District Council takes all forms of Fraudulent or corrupt behaviour, whether internal or external, very seriously.
Concessions and filming
Sedgemoor District Council actively encourages TV, Film, Photography and production companies to use our land and buildings as filming locations.
Sedgemoor District Council's Performance
Sedgemoor District Council is committed to continuous improvement in the way it works and the services it provides.
Service Standards
The standards for each service set out the level of service that a customer should expect from that service.
Corporate Strategy
Introducing Sedgemoor District Council's new Corporate Strategy
Key Documents
Here you can find general Council documents which refer to the day to day running of the Council, policies and procedures for delivering high levels of service.