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Request a Boating Permit 2018/19

Upon receipt of this form, a permit will be posted to you.

You must indicate that you accept the following:

Apex Leisure Park Boating Permit Terms & Conditions

  1. You can ONLY use the first pool (opposite the boating ramp) of Apex Leisure Park lake.
  2. Use of a powered model boat (however powered) can only be used between 2nd June and the last day of February.
  3. Use of a canoe only be used between 2nd June and the last day of February.
  4. An unpowered model boat can be used all year.
  5. No swimming is allowed in the lake.
  6. Sedgemoor Model Boat Club use the lake at these times:
    • Every Wednesday evening April to September, 7:00pm until dusk.
    • Sundays January to October, times will vary.
  7. Organisations and clubs using the lake, may be asked to produce Risk Assessments and Public liability Insurance to a value of £5 million, prior to the issue of a permit for the activity specified.

The permit is valid until 28th February 2020.

Please note:

Apex Park lakes are liable to blue-green algae outbreaks which can be harmful to people & fatal to animals, therefore the following control measures must be followed for your own safety.

During an outbreak:

  • Canoeing is not permitted

  • Model boat users must use fresh water to thoroughly wash and dry all models and any other items that come into contact with the water

  • The use of any model boats with the potential to produce spray from the water must not be used

  • Model boats must not be launched in areas of thick aggregations of algae or scum

  • Fresh water or anti-bacterial sanitizer must be used for hand washing

These measures must be followed until the algal bloom subsides and the warning signs are removed. Failure to comply will invalidate your permit and result in unauthorised use of Apex Park lakes.

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