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Some residents are eligible for a discount in the amount of Council Tax they pay. This guide explains how discounts are applied. Find out if a discount may apply to your home.

How will councils know when to apply a discount?

Each year councils are required to make sure that discounts are being granted to the right households in their area. They may do this by sending out forms asking for information. If you get a form asking about discounts, you do not have to return it but, if you think you are eligible, returning the form may speed up the award of a discount.

When it sends out its bills, your council will have decided whether it thinks a discount applies to your home. If there is no discount and you think you should get one, you should write to your council explaining why. Your council will tell you what evidence you will need to provide in support of your claim. The council has two months to make a decision. If you still disagree with the council, or if it has not acted within the two month period, you will be able to appeal to a Valuation Tribunal. See how to appeal. You should continue to pay your original bill whilst your appeal is outstanding.

If the council has given you a discount but you are not entitled to one, or are no longer entitled to one, you must write to say so or you may face a penalty.

How do discounts work?

Who is not counted?

pdf Single Adult Discount [129.31KB] pdf Job Related Discount on a Second Home [220.6KB]