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Reception is closed, but we are open for business.

In line with government advice our reception at Bridgwater House remains closed. You can contact us by calling 0300 303 7800 or by emailing

Corporate debt recovery

The recovery team focus on collecting monies from those people who are in arrears with their Council Tax and Business Rates. Find out how they operate and who to contact if you are in arrears.

Although we are charged with collecting a very high percentage of this amount within each financial year, we believe in: 

  • Giving individual consideration by taking a flexible approach.
  • Distinguishing between those that cannot pay and those that won't
  • Promoting assistance to the taxpayer
  • Preventing debt rather than simply recovering it

As soon as you realise you have a problem paying your bill you should talk to the Council. Please ring our friendly Team who will be happy to help you: 0300 303 7801

You may be entitled to a reduction in your bill, for example, through Council Tax Support. The Council may also be able to help you by rescheduling your payments. Do not ignore the bill; if you do not pay it and fail to agree any other arrangement with the Council, recovery action may be taken which could considerably increase the amount you have to pay.

Making Council Tax payments easier

How can the Revenues Service help ?

  • Offer free support and assistance to customers experiencing difficulty with their payments
  • Make sure you are receiving the relevant Council Tax discounts, allowances and benefits
  • Arrange a payment plan to suit your finances
  • Discuss options and ways to pay; weekly, fortnightly or monthly to suit you
  • Spread your payments over the whole year meaning lower amounts to pay each time
  • Help you draw up a financial statement to budget your payments
  • Friendly walk in service at Bridgwater House, King Square, Bridgwater
  • Telephone advice
  • Appointments in a private room can be made if preferred

Other ways we can help:-

Even if you have several Council Tax debts, or other related worries, please contact us first.

If we are unable to help you ourselves we can refer you to various advice and information centres around Sedgemoor who offer free independent advice.

There is no charge for our assistance and speaking to us early can avoid incurring further costs and charges.

Attachment of benefit

A Liability Order allows deductions to be made from certain benefits via the Department of Work and Pensions for the repayment of Council Tax.

Attachment of Earnings

A Liability Order allows the Council to write to your employer to request deductions be made directly from your pay and forwarded to the Council for your Council Tax.

Enforcement Agents

Once we have a Liability Order against you, we may choose to use an Enforcement Agent to recover your debts. An Enforcement Agent can take stock and goods or may come to a payment arrangement.

Committal to prison

The Council takes committal action in the Local Magistrates Court for unpaid Council Tax or Business Rates

Court summons

If you have received a Court summons, the Council will apply to the Magistrates to issue a Liability Order against you.

Final notice

To stop further action you must now pay the full amount of Council Tax as you have forfeited the right to pay by instalments. If this does not occur then the Council will seek a Liability Order against you.


The Council can serve a Statutory demand as a prelude to personal bankruptcy or the liquidation of your company if you do not pay your Council Tax or Business Rates.

Liability Orders

A Liability Order allows further action to be taken against you. This may include an Attachment to Earnings or Benefit, Bailiff/Enforcement Agent action, bankruptcy, the possible liquidation of your business or your committal to prison.


A Council Tax or Business Rate reminder will be issued at any time after an instalment is missed.