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Severe Weather in Sedgemoor

Please stay safe during the wintry conditions affecting the area. Advice and information on coping with the situation is available here: Severe cold weather information

Incorrect Information held about you

You can get in touch with us using the form on this page if you are concerned that information held about you is not accurate.

Sedgemoor District Council has notified the Information Commissioner of the types of information we hold and why we hold it.

You are entitled to ask that your information is amended if it is incorrect. If, after the Data Protection Officer has looked into this, you are still not happy, you can contact the Information Commissioner's office. These details will be given to you by the Data Protection Officer.

If you think that information is held about you unnecessarily, please contact the Data Protection Officer for guidance in how to move forward. In order to review what information is held about you, you will need to complete a Subject Access Request form to be sent to you (by email or through the post) or you can download the form this page. The Subject Access Request form will need to be completed and returned with a £10 fee to the Data Protection Officer - this can be done through the post or dropped into any Cash Office or Council reception.

The Data Protection Officer can be contacted by using the form below.

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pdf Subject Access Request Form [26.38KB]