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Reception is closed, but we are open for business.

Our reception at Bridgwater House is currently closed, but Council services remain operational. You can contact us by calling 0300 303 7800 or by emailing

The reception area will reopen to members of the public on Monday 4th October 2021 at 8:45am.

Committee meetings and membership

Council members form a variety of committees to control specific areas of the Council. These committees meet on a regular basis, normally within the main Council building at Bridgwater House, King Square. The meetings are open to public attendance, except when confidential (exempt) business is being dealt with.

There is a public question time at the beginning of these meetings where you may, subject to specified rules, ask questions or address the meeting about any non-confidential item on the agenda. For information on agendas, rules on addressing committees or general enquiries regarding Full Council, the Executive and Committee's, please contact us.

Committee meeting dates

The Committee timetable sets out meeting dates for the Council, The Executive, Regulatory and Overview and Scrutiny Committees, which together form the Council's political decision making structure.

Terms of reference for each Committee are detailed in the The Constitution.

Information on meetings for the current municipal year (2021/2022)be found here: Icon for pdf Timetable of Meetings 2021-2022 [104.51KB]

Committee Meetings and Memberships

Listed below are the committees and their purpose, the membership of the committees is decided at Annual Council each year. 

The list of Outside bodies can be found here:  Icon for pdf Representatives to Outside Bodies 2021-2022 [185.04KB]

The Executive

The Executive is the part of the Council which is responsible for most day-to-day decisions. The Executive is made up of a Leader, who is appointed by the Council, and a cabinet of six Councillors whom the Leader appoints.

When major decisions are to be discussed or made, these are published in the Notice of key Decisions in so far as they can be anticipated. If these major decisions are to be discussed with other council officers at a meeting of the Executive, this will generally  be open for the public to attend except where personal, exempt of confidential matters are being discussed. The Notice of Key Decisions is available here: Icon for pdf Notice of Key Decisions [218.57KB]

The Executive has to make decisions which are in line with the Council's overall policies and budget. If it wishes to make a decision which is outside the budget or policy framework, this must be  referred to the Council as a whole to decide.

When a decision is made by the Executive the decision must be published within 2 working days of the decision being made. The decision notice can be found by visiting .

Grants Awards Sub-Committee

The sub committee is responsible for: Applications for projects and amenity grants, reviewing performance against all Slavs issued with grants, concessionary parking in Council car parks, monitoring the award of CRT monies, awarding and monitoring RTL3 monies after recommendations from Parish Clusters and reviewing policy and procedure in grant areas and making recommendations to the Executive and Council.

Licensing and General Purposes Committee (Regulatory)

Summary of the functions of the Licensing and General Purposes Committee - Licences for sale/supply of alcohol; caravan and camping sites; hackney carriages and private hire vehicles; pool promoters; gambling licences; track betting licences;  amusement machines; lotteries; Regulated Entertainments; sex shops; sex cinemas; sex entertainment venues; hypnotism; acupuncture etc. Street trading; late night refreshment premises; scrap yards; safety certificates for sports grounds; dog breeders; pet shops; zoos; dangerous wild animals; collecting for charities; register of food premises.

The Committee also has the duty to consider and make recommendations to the Council on - Power to change - name of district or parish, confer title of honorary alderman; power to make, amend, revoke or re-enact byelaws; power to promote or oppose local or personal bills; functions in relation to parish councils; staff matters; health and safety at work; elections and electoral registration; public footpath.

Development Committee (Regulatory)

This Committee's role is to consider and determine planning permissions and all associated functions; completion notices; display of advertisements; authorisation of entry onto land, discontinuance of a use of land; enforcement notices; breaches of planning control; hazardous substances consent; maintenance of land; listed building consent; conservation area consent; building preservation notice; enforcement notice in relation to listed buildings; urgent works; preservation of trees; protection of important hedgerows.

Audit & Standards Committee (Regulatory)

This Committee's role is to provide independent assurance to the Council and the Executive of the adequacy of the overall corporate governance and internal control environments including risk management and to oversee the financial reporting process. This Committee will also approve the authority's annual Statement of Accounts and the Statement of Internal Control.

The Committee will also ensure there are effective relationships between external and internal audit, inspection agencies and other relevant bodies and that the value of the audit process is actively promoted.

Summary of the functions of this committee also includes - the adoption and revision of the Code of Conduct, revisions of the Constitution. The Standards Committee has delegated powers to act on behalf of the Council for numerous functions, they can all be found in Part 3 of the Constitution above.

Community Scrutiny Committee

This committee will focus on service delivery and community requirements, scrutinising and making recommendations to improve under performing council services and incorporating the external scrutiny role alongside major partners of the Council.

Corporate Scrutiny Committee

This committee's focus will be on strategic business and corporate processes including corporate planning, financial management and budget setting, performance management framework, risk management and relevant corporate policies such as human resources, e-government etc.

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