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GP Exercise Referral Scheme

This scheme is overseen by the 'MOVE' group hosted by Public Health at Somerset County Council and encourages people living with long term illnesses or injuries to maintain and/or improve their health through a personally tailored exercise programme in an accredited leisure centre locally.

The Somerset Exercise Referral Scheme offers activities for those with a diagnosed medical condition. Health Professionals can refer people who will benefit from a personalised physical activity programme to the GP Exercise Referral Scheme. There are over 30 recognised leisure providers in Somerset that are accredited to deliver exercise on referral. Venues include leisure centres, gyms, swimming pools and community venues. 

The range of activities available depends on the individual's health needs and what is offered by the local accredited leisure provider. All programmes will be designed to meet individual needs and may include gym based exercises, walking, swimming, exercise classes, Tai Chi and other activities. Most importantly the activity will be at the user's own pace. 

The cost of the GP Exercise Referral Scheme will vary between leisure providers. The number of sessions can last between 8 and 16 weeks. 

To get a referral, a patient will need to make an appointment to see a Health Professional who will determine if they meet the eligibility criteria that the scheme requires. If they do, they will complete a referral from and hand this to the patient. The patient will then decide which accredited leisure provider they would like to attend (from the list on the reverse of the form), and make contact with them to book their initial appointment, and their journey will then start.

For more information, please contact the GP Exercise Referral Scheme on the following number: 0800 412 5502.

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