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Active Bridgwater

Sedgemoor District Council is supporting the Somerset Activity & Sports Partnership in delivering a series of health opportunities for East and South Bridgwater's communities.

indoor activities The Active Bridgwater project comprises mainly of Sedgemoor District Council's Healthy Lifestyles team and the Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership and encourages and supports people to become more active by utilising the facilities in both the East and South Bridgwater areas.  Toddler groups, pre schools, schools, families, adults, older people and the elderly are all being encouraged to do a little bit more to improve their health and wellbeing and the Active Bridgwater project is designed to assist with this.

For more information, please visit SASP Active Bridgwater  Or to discuss the project in more detail, including any ideas you may have if living in these areas, please contact us below.

A Together Team is also working across the Sydenham, Bower and Dunwear wards alongside Hamp, Wilstock and Stockmoor. To find out more about the Together Teams and their work, please visit  our page about them

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