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Garage Plots to Lease

Sedgemoor District Council manage a number of garage plots around the district at the following locations:

  • Ringstone, West Huntspill
  • Brendon Way, Bridgwater
  • Taunton Road, Bridgwater
  • Shovel Lane, North Petherton
  • Hillside, Puriton

There are on occasions plots available on an annual licence agreement at a cost of £75 plus VAT. At the commencement of the agreement there will be a further charge of £50 to set up and provide the legal agreement for the garage plot.

The Council leases the bases only.  It is up to the individual garage plot tenants to construct and maintain garages upon the bases. 

Garages across Sedgemoor are available to rent from Homes in Sedgemoor. For further information, please visit the relevant links below.

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