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Project/Small grants awarded 2017/18

Please see this webpage for a list of Project/Small grants awarded 2017/18:

Grants awarded on 30th May 2017

  • Hannah Payne awarded £500
  • Bridgwater Parish Church (St Mary's Tower Bell Ringers) awarded £2,500 subject to full funding for the project being obtained
  • Sedgemoor Chess Club awarded £400
  • Girl guiding Somermead awarded £2,500
  • Monarchs Gymnastics Club awarded £1,390
  • BOS Fest awarded £1,500 on the basis that this was a one off start up grant
  • Burnham Comic Con/BOS Con awarded £1,000 subject to more named members being listed in the constitution

Grants awarded on 18th July 2017

  • Bertie Kelly awarded £500 subject to notice of what Bertie is doing to encourage children of his age to take part in the sport and that there would be no further applications to this committee
  • North Newton PCC awarded £1,120
  • Somerset Art Works awarded £1,000 subject to confirmation of the schools to be used
  • Somerset Cricket Board awarded £597
  • YMCA Somerset Coast awarded £2,500
  • BOSHed awarded £2,500 subject to confirmation of other funding awarded and that planning permission has been agreed where needed
  • St Francis Holiday Club awarded £500 subject to this being the last application to this committee, also suggested contact with Homes in Sedgemoor for grant funding
  • Hamish Clarke awarded £500 subject to this being the last application to this committee

Grants awarded on 12th September 2017

  • Somerset Levels & Moors Sheds (SlaMs) awarded £2,500 or 41.6% of the project costs, whichever is the lowest, subject to confirmation supported by documentary evidence, that the additional funding required to realise the project has been obtained and that a suitable venue has been identified and rights of occupation secured
  • Bridgwater Arts Centre awarded £1,650 subject to the remaining funding for the project first being obtained
  • Spaxton Junior Football Club awarded £750 subject to the remaining funding for the project being obtained
  • Lucy Nicholson awarded £500

Grants awarded on 14th November 2017

  • Tilly Bond awarded £500
  • BOSHed awarded £1282

Grants awarded on 23rd January 2018

  • Oscar Rogers awarded £500
  • Riley Phillips awarded £500
  • Burnham Railway Heritage Group awarded £1,250
  • Seed of Hope awarded £2,500

Grants awarded on 6th March 2018

  • Bridgwater Islamic Cultural Centre awarded £1,000
  • Bridgwater Community Hub awarded £2,500
  • 290 Squadron Air Training Corps awarded £283.36
  • Friends of Bridgwater Docks awarded £250 subject to funding being in place for future years
  • Robert Blake Science College PTFA awarded £1,000
  • Bridgwater Cricket Club awarded £1,000 subject to remaining project costs being met from other sources
  • Community at Heart - Ollie Kent awarded £387
  • All Saints East Huntspill PCC awarded £500
  • Music on the Levels awarded £500 and to confirm no further grant applications will be awarded to the organisation
  • Wembdon Village Hall awarded £250 subject to match funding from Wembdon Parish Council
  • Berrow Junior Football Club awarded £750
  • 1st Berrow Scout Group awarded £389.88
  • Lauren Bird awarded £500
  • Burnham United Football Club awarded £1,000
  • Monarchs Gymnastics Club awarded £750
  • Burnham and Highbridge Band awarded £250
  • Wembdon Parklands and Community Together awarded £1,250
  • Middlezoy Community Project awarded £500
  • Under the Mini Moon awarded £1,000
  • Live Naturally awarded £1,000
  • Somerset Songbirds Choir £770
  • Burnham Area Sports & Social Club £2,500
  • Cheddar Village Hall £2,500