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Applying for Grants funding 2018/19

Please visit these pages for more information on funding available via Sedgemoor District Councils small Grants scheme.

Refer to the following guidance notes/criteria when applying for a grant.  A form for 2018/19 is available to download via the related documents below. 

Small Grants up to £500 (no more than 75% of the total project cost can be applied for)

Small grants are aimed at funding individuals to undertake projects such as volunteering or learning new skills that will be of benefit to their local community. Small grants are also to assist with individuals involved in the arts and regional or national sports competition. Individuals must be residents of Sedgemoor.

Project Grants up to £2500 (no more than 50% of the total project cost can be applied for)

Project grants are one off grants aimed at supporting voluntary, community and not-for-profit organisations to undertake projects that support people living in the district. We will be supporting a diverse range of projects.

Who can apply?

Type of ApplicantUp to £500£500-£2500

Registered Charity

Voluntary or community group with a constitution and Bank Account

Voluntary or community group without a constitution or Bank AccountXX


What does the District Council want to fund?

The District Council wants to fund projects that fit into the broad themes of Community, Environment, Arts and Sports. To help you understand what types of projects we envisage funding, we have set the following as priorities and detailed criteria your project will have to meet to be successful:


Rural Areas

  • Promotion of community development and self help
  • Help in meeting gaps in existing services and provision
  • Help to develop new initiatives
  • Support for the rural heritage

 Community Facilities

  •  Grants to village halls for small capital works
  •  Projects that improve access to community service for the disabled

Community Activities

  • Developing new opportunities for people to be involved in their community
  • Developing projects that provide activities for local people.  This could be through targeting specific age groups such as young people or older people

Crime Reduction

  • Projects that reduce crime or fear of crime within the District


Environmental projects focusing on the physical environment

  • Production of a village design statement
  • Small grants for tree planting of native trees
    • You will be required to show consents, plans and costings
  • Support the local biodiversity action plan
  • Supporting individuals with voluntary work. Priority will be given to projects that show a high educational value or demonstrate accessibility to the widest community


  • Supporting individuals - (small grants only)
  • Performing Arts such as drama, music and dance
  • Literary Arts such as creative writing and poetry
  • Visual Arts such as painting, sculpture, crafts or photography
  • Multi-Media arts activity such as film, video and digital arts
  • Priority will be given to a projects that show a high educational value or demonstrate accessibility to the widest community through performance, exhibition or publication


  • Sports Clubs
    • Any clubs funded must be fully inclusive and have open membership
    • All applicants must be affiliated to their governing body and have a sports development plan
    • Junior sections must have child protection procedures
    • Clubs with junior sections will be treated more favourably
  • Sports Coaches
    • Any applications for coach education will need to be supported by the club in which the coaching will take place
    • All applicants must be over 18 years of age
    • A maximum grant of £50 will be made under this priority
  • Supporting individuals with competitions and training
    • Grants of up to £500 can be made to support individuals compete at Regional or National level

By applying and accepting a grant from Sedgemoor District Council you are agreeing to comply with Sedgemoor's Grant Publicity Guide. This is available for download below.

When can applications be made?

Decisions on grant applications are made by the Grants Award Sub-Committee and they meet approximately every six weeks. Details of the sub-committee dates and deadline dates for applications (strict 5pm deadline) can be found below:

Sub Committee DateDeadline for applications
8th January 201914th December 2018
26th February 20191st February 2019

Under the constitution of this Sub-Committee any member of the public is able to speak with regard to an application for a maximum of 3 minutes. If you wish to attend the meeting and speak, then you will need to register with Democratic Services by noon of the Friday before the meeting. Please phone or email the Democratic Services department if you wish to attend

Submitting an application

All grant applications to Sedgemoor District Council will be administered at one central point within Community Development & Wellbeing (contact details below). When your application has been received, there will be an initial desk appraisal and if it is considered that more information is required, then we will contact you. However this is likely to extend the time required to deal with your application.

If your submitted application does not meet the criteria then you will be contacted and advised of the reasons why.  Applications which do meet the criteria will be forwarded to the Grants sub-committee and will  be discussed prior to a decision being made. You will be notified approximately 10 working days after the date of this meeting; this is due to the calling in period.

Other points to consider when making an application

  • Any grants made must be for the benefit of people of Sedgemoor
  • The following cannot apply for grant funding under this scheme, Play Areas and Recreational Amenities including Safer Surfacing, Christmas lighting, Twinning, Britain in Bloom, Schools, Town/Parish Councils
  • You cannot apply for a grant for an activity, event or purchase that has already taken place
  • The level of funding previously received by the applicant from the District Council will be taken into consideration when reaching a decision on an application
  • The District Council would not expect to receive applications from organisations whose free reserves are in excess of one year's running costs
  • Groups need to show that they have, where appropriate, looked at other sources of funding
  • Grants are one-off and should be spent within 1 year
  • Certain conditions may be attached to your grant, which you will need to accept before any money is payable
  • Copy receipts must be provided as proof of purchase
  • Applicants for individual grants must show a benefit to the wider community
  • Applicants are not to apply for general organisation running costs. The grant must be for a stand-alone project or start-up costs
  • Projects should provide increased benefit to the local community
  • The application needs to show support of the local community and to also show that they have engaged with the Town/Parish Council
  • Organisations need to invest their own funds or fund raise to contribute (minimum of 10% own funding)
  • A feedback event to be held at the end of the financial year, with all applicants asked to attend or to send in a written report
  • Receipts must be provided within one year of the funding being granted, no further applications will be considered until proof received of any previous applications
pdf Grant Application Form [233.62KB] pdf Grant Funding Publicity Guide May 2018 [638.08KB]