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Cheddar Neighbourhood Plan

The Cheddar Neighbourhood Development Plan was formally adopted by Sedgemoor District Council at Full Council on 17th October 2018.

Following the successful referendum on 30 August 2018, Sedgemoor District Council has now formally 'made' the Neighbourhood Development Plan, and the plan now forms part of the Statutory Development Plan for the area.  Planning decisions should be made in accordance with the same, unless there are other material considerations that indicate otherwise.   The 'made' Cheddar Neighbourhood Development Plan is available here: Icon for pdf Cheddar NDP Referendum version [7.49MB]

A copy of the Decision Statement is available here: Icon for pdf Cheddar R19 Decision Statement [488.27KB]


Residents eligible to vote were asked "Do you want Sedgemoor District Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Cheddar to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood areas?".  There were 4787 eligible voters, and 1146 votes were cast in favour, with 128 votes against.  The turnout was 26.72%.  A copy of the Declaration of the results of the Referendum is available here Icon for pdf Cheddar Declaration of Poll [224.08KB]

Environmental Assessment

In November 2016, the Cheddar Draft Neighbourhood Plan 2011 - 2027 was submitted to Sedgemoor District Council for assessment to determine whether it is likely to have significant environmental effects.  The draft plan was screened in accordance with Part II of The Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes Regulations 2004 to determine whether SEA was necessary, in consultation with the statutory environmental bodies. Separately, it was screened in accordance with the Habitat Regulations to determine whether Appropriate Assessment was necessary. Sedgemoor District Council has determined that the Cheddar Draft Neighbourhood Plan 2011 - 2027 is not likely to have significant environmental effects and that an environmental assessment is not required in respect of the draft plan.  The Determination under Regulation 9(1) and the accompanying Statement is available as a PDF download below, although should a hard copy be required please contact the Planning Policy team using the contact details below.

In light of the recent Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruling for People Over Wind and Sweetman v Coillte Teoranta the 'test of likely significance' HRA report for the Cheddar Neighbourhood Plan has been revised to include an Appropriate Assessment of the Plan. The revised HRA report was issued to Natural England in July 2018 and they have confirmed  that they support the conclusions that the Plan will not result in adverse effects on the integrity of any European sites.

The need for an Appropriate Assessment triggers the need for a Strategic Environmental Assessment, unless one of two exemptions applies and a Reg 9(1) Determination concludes that the Plan is unlikely to result in significant environmental effects. The original SEA Screening Report and the Reg 9(1) determination have been revised to acknowledge the need to consider this automatic trigger and, in summary, it is concluded that the "small area" exemption applies and, therefore, a Reg 9(1) Determination needed to be made.

The original SEA Screening Report had already concluded that a Reg 9(1) determination needed to be made (because the Plan has potential to "set the framework for future development") and the result of this determination is unchanged, therefore, the revised SEA Screening Report (provided below) has been amended merely to document the change to the route by which this conclusion was reached.

pdf Cheddar Basic Conditions Statement [1.1MB] pdf Cheddar Parish Map [1.57MB] pdf Consultation Statement [973.5KB] pdf Habitat Regulations Assessment - October 2016 [1.44MB] pdf Updated Habitat Regulations Assessment - July 2018 [1.49MB] pdf Cheddar Gorge map [974.03KB] pdf Guidance and Directions Timothy Jones [129.12KB] pdf Notification of Hearings [211.23KB] pdf Examiners Final Report June 2018 Cheddar NDP [221.22KB] pdf Cheddar R18(2) Decision Statement [502.22KB] pdf General Information Statement [219.74KB] pdf Cheddar NDP revised Reg 9 determination [454.98KB]