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Sedgemoor District Council wants you to have your say in how the Council should spend your Council Tax.

Take part in our Budget Consultation here.

Councillor Jeff Savage

Cheddar & Shipham (View Map)
Cheddar and Nyland Wards of Cheddar, Shipham
Crate Farm
BS27 3UD
01934 744830
07973 232140

Declaration of Interests:

The following table includes the interests of the member and their spouse/partner (where applicable).  In accordance with Government guidance spouse/partner interests have not been separately identified.

1. Employment, Office, Trade, Profession or Vocation:Rural Newsagent (self-employed)
2. Sponsorship:
(e.g. payment towards election expenses)
Conservative Party
3. Securities:
(e.g. shares)
4. Contracts with the Council:None
5. Ownership of land within the area of the Council:Crate Farm, Nyland, Cheddar BS27 3UD
6. Licenses of land within the area of the Council:None
7. Tenancies with the Council:None
8. Memberships of Other Bodies:Callow Rock Quarry Liaison Committee; Batts Coombe Quarry Liaison Committee; National Federation of Retail Newsagents; Conservative Party; Axe/Brue Drainage Board; Bridgwater YMCA; Kings Fitness and Leisure (Director)