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Applying for a drivers licence


From December 2016, all applicants must prove they have the right to work in the UK. You will need to provide a current UK / EU passport. If you do not have one you will need to provide a full UK birth certificate, and an official letter confirming your name and National Insurance Number.

If you originate from outside the UK, and do not hold a UK / EU Passport please contact us for details of what documentation you will need to provide, this will include things such as a biometric residence permit. If your right to work ends during the period of your licence, it lapses immediately and must be returned. If you have a restriction on the length of time you can work in the UK, the licence will not be issued for any longer than this period. Full details of what documentation you will need to provide can be found here:  Right to work [177.82KB] .

Before you apply, if you have any criminal or motoring convictions, you should contact the licensing department to discuss your situation, as this may affect your application.

The application process can take several weeks if you have to wait for your DBS result, arranging driving tests and medicals, and can take up to a further 10 working days to process once we have received all of your information, so please plan ahead. 

You will then need to decide whether you want to be a Hackney Carriage or Private Hire driver, or both. As part of your application, you will be expected to know the difference between the two. The answer can be found elsewhere on our website. A full checklist can be found on the application form but you will need to provide:

1. A completed application form and appropriate fee.

2. A DBS criminal records application and appropriate fee. You will need to provide at least three forms of official identification to support your DBS application, one of which should include your photo. Unfortunately, the DBS application has a unique reference on each one, so that is not included in the pack. Please contact us so that one can be posted to you, or collected from our reception. You will also need to sign up to the DBS online scheme, so that details of any convictions can be checked during the interim years of your licence. 

3. A driving test certificate from either the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) or one of our approved providers. This is similar to a driving test but puts more emphasis on Taxi requirements. From December 2016, the DVSA are no longer conducting Taxi Driver assessments. Please see below for the current approved driver testing alternatives. These providers charge for this service. Please check their details for current rates.

4. A medical form completed by someone with access to your medical records. The cost of the test is agreed with whoever conducts the examination.

5. Your Driving Licence.

6. 2 Passport photographs.

7. Sit a driver knowledge test (Hackney drivers only). The knowledge test includes questions on taxi driver conditions, geographical locations in Sedgemoor and the South West. It also includes a section on highway-code road signs.

8. In certain circumstances, you may be required to sit a basic literacy and numeracy test or provide evidence of a nationally recognised qualification.

9. Evidence of your safeguarding training, please see below.

From 25th August 2018, we will no longer be able to check your DVLA motoring convictions online due to a change in DVLA procedures. You will be required to provide up to date evidence of your motoring convictions status with your application, or supply us with an 8 digit case sensitive code which can be obtained via this link

Licences all expire on the 30th November on a 3 yearly basis, 2017, 2020, 2023 etc. Your licence is valid for a maximum 3 years and driver badges will be issued accordingly. Interim checks are still completed annually. The cost of these badges is included in your licence fee.

The current fees are available below in the related documents section.

Safeguarding Training

In July 2017, our licensing committee approved mandatory safeguarding training for drivers BEFORE a licence is issued.  We have therefore arranged a free online safeguarding training course, at a local training venue.

Suite 3, Lions House
18 West Quay

Please contact a member of staff on  01278 435227 or 01278 435337 advising that you are a taxi driver looking to book online safeguarding training. The session will take around 60-75 minutes to complete and there is a short quiz involved. When finished you should request a certificate of attendance / completion, which needs to be submitted to licensing with your application.


List of Licensed Vehicles

Details of our currently licenced Hackney Carriages, Private Hire Vehicles, and Private Hire Operators can be accessed through the Licensing Database. All Hackney Vehicles with licence plate number 59 and above are wheelchair / disabled accessible.

Simply select the licence type you require from the drop down menu, then input you're from and to dates that you wish to search. For best results input dates covering a 12 month period, then click submit.

We aim to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation at all times.  To see how we handle personal information, please ensure that you have read our Privacy Notice.

If you are not satisfied with the way your personal information is handled please contact the Data Protection Officer at

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