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Gaming Machine Permits (AWP)

This page contains details of the licensing of AWP machines, also known as gaming machines, fruit machines or slot machines.

Premises Licences (Gambling Act 2005) have different entitlements regarding numbers and categories of gaming machines permitted depending on the nature of the premises, e.g. Adult Gaming Centres, Family Entertainment Centres etc.  

If however your premises doesn't hold a gambling premises licence but you still want to be able to provide gaming machines, you can apply for a permit.

Where someone wishes to install a gaming machine - commonly called a 'fruit machine', they are required to have a permit. This permit will say where the machine can be used, what type of machine can be used and how many machines can be used. A permit is still required whether the machines are owned or leased by the person. There are different forms for machines on licensed premises e.g. pubs and clubs.

Where the machines have a pay out of more than specified amounts, further conditions are applied to the permit that require supervision of the machine and restricting its use to persons of 18 years old and above.

Amusement arcade premises with only the lowest category of machines (Category D) should use the form for an unlicensed Family Entertainment Centre.

Permit Types

We issue five types of permits and one notification. These are:

Unlicensed Family Entertainment Centre (uFEC) gaming machine permits

You can apply for an unlicensed FEC gaming machine permit if you want to run a centre catering for families (for example, amusement arcade) that doesn't have any higher category gaming machines. With this permit you can have an unlimited number of category D machines.

Club machine permits

You can apply for a club machine permit if you want to have gaming machines in a social club, miner's welfare institution or a commercial club.  With this permit a members club can have up to 3 category B3A, B4, C or D machines (to include a maximum of 1 B3A machine) and a commercial club can have up to 3 category B4, C or D machines (but no B3A).

Club gaming permit

You can apply for a club gaming permit if you want to have both gaming machines and also equal chance gaming (for example, poker) and games of chance in a social club or miner's welfare institution (commercial clubs can't hold a club gaming permit).  With this permit you can have up to 3 category B3A B4, C or D machines (to include a maximum of 1 B3A machine) and prize gaming.

Prize gaming permit

If you want to run a premises that has facilities for gaming with prizes then you'll need a prize gaming permit (unless you are a club that holds a club gaming permit). Prize gaming is where there is a prize available that is not determined by the number of people taking part or by the amount paid or raised by the game.

Alcohol licensed premises gaming machine permits

You can apply for a permit If your premises is licensed (under the Licensing Act 2003) to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises and you want to have more than 2 category C or D gaming machines.  To be able to apply the premises will need to have a bar that is used wholly or mainly for the sale or consumption of alcohol.

Alcohol licensed premises - Notification

You'll need to give us a notification if you want to have up to 2 category C or D gaming machines in a premises that holds a premises licence to sell alcohol under the Licensing Act 2003.

How to apply

You can apply for these permits from our pages:


Please see Gambling Act 2005.

Please note: Permits for machines in takeaways, taxi offices etc. can no longer be granted.

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pdf Application for AWP on Licenced Premises 2018 [248.13KB] pdf Application for AWP on Club Premises [300.11KB] pdf Application for Unlicensed Family Entertainment Centre (UFEC) [221.86KB]