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Air Quality in Sedgemoor

Under Part IV of the Environment Act 1995 all local authorities are required to undertake reviews of air quality within their district, and then report on them annually. Local Authorities are required to submit an Annual Status Report (ASR) to DEFRA each year.

Pollutant monitoring in Sedgemoor

To provide information for the ASR the Council carries out monitoring for Nitrogen Oxides (NOx). There are currently 41 monitoring sites across the Sedgemoor area located in areas where there is more likely to be higher levels of NOx, such as alongside busy and main roads.

Hinkley Point C

EDF are constructing a new nuclear reactor (Hinkley Point C), and whilst the main development is occurring outside of Sedgemoor, the majority of access routes  are through the District, and in addition there are a number of associated development sites being constructed.

The conclusion of studies carried out by EDF Energy are that there will be no breaches of Air Quality Objectives. However, Sedgemoor DC has increased its number and spread of diffusion tubes for NOx monitoring and will closely monitor the areas that may be affected by any associated development or traffic.

Annual Status Report (ASR) for DEFRA

The overall aim of this document is to report on the progress in achieving reductions in concentrations of emissions relating to relevant pollutants.  The report also includes details about new or different sources of emissions. 

The core requirements of the ASR are:

  • To report progress on the implementation of measures in the local air quality action plan and other measures and their impact in reducing concentrations below air quality objectives
  • To provide a summary of monitoring/modelling data (either locally retrieved and/or from the national network), in order to assess the air quality situation in the area and likelihood of air quality breaches, and to provide the necessary evidence base for the impact of air quality measures
  • To report on significant new developments that might affect local air quality
  • To present information available to the public so that local people can more easily engage with local air quality issues and the measures taken to improve air quality 

We currently have no Air Quality Management Areas within the Sedgemoor area.

The Air Quality Reports for the district of Sedgemoor over the last three years can be downloaded below.

pdf Air Quality Report 2018 [1.84MB] pdf Air Quality Report 2017 [4.44MB] pdf Air Quality Report 2016 [3.66MB] pdf Air Quality Report 2015 [518.74KB] pdf Air Quality Report 2014 [1.41MB]