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Hinkley Point C Community Impact Mitigation (CIM) Fund

Local communities are being encouraged to apply for funds from the Community Impact Mitigation (CIM) fund received in relation to the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station project. Please find details of the fund and how to apply here.

Community Impact Mitigation Fund an overview:

The Hinkley Point C Site Preparation Works application was consented by West Somerset Council on the 27th January 2012. In granting the application a series of mitigation measures were secured via a legal agreement ( known as a Section 106). One of these mitigation measures was the setting up of a Community Impact Mitigation Fund (CIM) .

The £7.2million CIM Fund has been set up to support projects that aim to improve the wellbeing of communities who are (or will be) affected by the construction works taking place at Hinkley Point C.   

If your community is affected in any way by the development of the Hinkley Point C site, or any of its associated projects, the CIM Fund could provide financial support to help you to run a scheme, club or project in your community. Small grants up to £1000 are available alongside much larger grants.

Other projects associated with the Hinkley Point C development, that could affect local communities, include highway improvements, construction of park and ride schemes and the construction of worker accommodation amongst others.

How to apply?

Applications for funding are being administered by West Somerset Council for both of the districts of West Somerset and Sedgemoor.  To assist with the distribution of the fund a board has been set up including representatives of local councils and EDF Energy. The board will assess bids for grants based on the eligibility criteria and make a recommendation to West Somerset Council's Full Council.

If you would like to discuss your application, or seek advice from Sedgemoor District Council before applying to the CIM Fund, please contact Sedgemoor Direct via 01278 435435 or email We would strongly encourage Sedgemoor-based applicants to contact us before submitting an application to West Somerset Council. We can offer advice and support to guide you through the process and advise on the likely reliability of any projects.

If you have already sought advice from staff at Sedgemoor, or do not wish to, you can now apply for CIM funding by submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) form direct to West Somerset Council. The EOI allows West Somerset to complete a desktop assessment of the application. Full details and forms can be found at Hinkley Point Community Fund.