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Additional Planning Guidance and Local Strategies

This section includes further planning guidance documents that may expand on policies in the Local Development Framework or provide more detailed area specific advice.

Bridgwater Vision

The refreshed Bridgwater Vision, which sits as an annex and complementary document to the Economic Strategy adopted by Council in July, sets out the 50 year regeneration strategy for Bridgwater. The latest iteration has been subject to a light touch update alongside the Economic Development Strategy, but is in essence the same document as that produced in 2008.

Celebration Mile

Celebration Mile is a project to create a pedestrian priority way leading from Bridgwater train station to the Docks that will celebrate and emphasise the history of the town.

Bristol Road North: Development Brief and Design Principles Part 1 & 2

Sedgemoor District Council has prepared a Development Brief and Design Principles document for land to the north of Bridgwater.

East of the A38 Development Brief and Design Principles

Sedgemoor District Council has produced a Development Brief and Design Principles document covering the area 'East of the A38, Bristol Road, Bridgwater', which was adopted by Sedgemoor's Full Council in July 2014.

North East Bridgwater Strategic Design Codes

North East Bridgwater represents a key development within Sedgemoor's Core Strategy for the growth and regeneration of Bridgwater.

South Bridgwater

This page shows various guidance documents in relation to development at South Bridgwater

Core Strategy Policy P4 Guidance Note

This guidance note provides additional information on the process of developing Local Priority Housing Sites at Key Rural Settlements as allowed by Core Strategy Policy P4.

Barn Conversions Guidance

Planning Guidance Note on Conversion of Agricultural / Rural Buildings

Bats and Wind Turbines

This report appraises the geographic area administered by Sedgemoor District Council for locating wind turbines in places where there would be minimal risk of bat mortality. The outcomes of the report can inform planning decisions on wind turbine applications and act as guidance to developers.

Environment Agency Local Flood Risk Standing Advice for Sedgemoor

This Local Flood Risk Standing Advice (LFRSA) for the Sedgemoor area was issued by the Environment Agency in November 2013. It will help applicants and the Council understand the flood risk assessment requirement for an individual planning application and supports the processing of lower risk applications without the need for direct Environment Agency consultation.

Conservation areas of Sedgemoor

Conservation areas are areas of special architectural or historic interest that the character or appearance of which is such that it is considered desirable to preserve or enhance them.