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Council Tax - Single Person Discount

Across the country, The National Fraud Authority estimates fraudulent single person discounts cost councils and taxpayers over £92m a year. Continuing the crackdown on fraud, Sedgemoor District Council will be running checks to make sure that people claiming a single person's discount on their council tax bill are claiming legitimately. 27/02/19

In Sedgemoor, there are approximately 17,000 people who claim the discount. Sedgemoor District Council is checking by cross-referencing with other sources of information about their household by using sophisticated data matching technology. Fraud investigation is carried out within data protection and GDPR regulations.

Currently a 25% discount, ranging from a minimum of £195.25 a year and up to a maximum of £754.25, is given to persons stating they are living in a property on their own. If the checks indicate that another adult is living at the address, the discount will be withdrawn.

Residents who are genuinely claiming the discount have nothing to worry about, but anyone found to be deliberately misleading the Council could face a fine and legal action. There is an on-line form at where people can apply for this discount.