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Sedgemoor's Health Walks are designed for people of all ages who want to improve their health, meet new people as well as explore their local environment.All Health Walks are led by trained volunteer Walk Leaders who are always keen to meet new walkers! Whether it's a buggy walk, wheelchair walk, a GP surgery walk, seaside walk, rural or urban - there really is something for you! 01/02/2019

Sedgemoor District Council hosts a programme of Health Walks.  Currently, we have eleven walks which take place weekly, fortnightly or monthly throughout the year.

Walks last between 30 and 90 minutes to cater for different abilities. They also take place on weekdays and weekends to give people choice and the health benefits of the most regular walkers has been well reported.

Such benefits include reversing Type 2 diabetes diagnosis, losing weight, coming off blood pressure tablets, feeling more connected again after a bereavement, getting back some 'me' time after having a baby, making new friends, improving joint pain, recovering from cancer treatment as well as rehabilitation from general injuries.

For the latest copy of the Health Walks in Sedgemoor programme and to find out more, please visit: or contact or call (01278) 435715.