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Open Space, Sport and Recreation Study

The Planning Policy team are currently preparing an Open Space, Sport and Recreation Study for the whole District and are inviting all interested parties to express their views on the subject.

The aim of the Study is to ensure that local communities have access to facilities, services and spaces (such as playing pitches, play areas, indoor sport facilities and informal spaces for recreation such as country parks, allotments and village greens) that meet their sporting, leisure, play and recreational needs, both now and in the future.

Some of the objectives of the Study include: 

  • to understand the current quality and quantity of provision for sport, play and recreation opportunities; 
  • to understand the current level of use of and demand for each site;  
  • to understand the expected level of future demand based on population projections;
  • to contribute towards achieving the Council's corporate priorities;
  • to prepare a strategy for the provision of new sites (if necessary); and
  • to create an action plan for the implementation of the strategy.

The Study will incorporate a Playing Pitch Strategy, a Play audit, a Built Facilities assessment and an assessment of informal recreation space. The outcome of the Study will form part of the evidence base needed to protect existing sites, identify additional needs, inform future planning policies, support bids for funding opportunities and inform negotiations with developers when securing contributions towards open space, sport and recreation facilities. 


Initial Consultation - December 2018

Please could you spare a few minutes to complete a survey?

As part of the information gathering stage of the Study, the Council are seeking views from members of the public and relevant stakeholders, such as sports clubs, governing bodies and parish councils and have invited all interested parties (if their contact details are known) to respond to a survey. If you have not received an email from the team and wish to participate in the consultation please select and complete the most relevant survey from the list below.

To assist you in completing your survey the Study is accompanied by an Online Interactive Map (Available here:, the map displays our current understanding of the Open Space, Sport and Recreation sites in Sedgemoor - including those that have been recently lost, those that are planned for the future and those that are privately-owned.

Should you require any assistance in completing the survey, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Planning Policy team on 01278 435544 or at where a member of staff will be happy to help you. The deadline for completing and submitting questionnaires is Friday 1st March 2019.

Sedgemoor residents:

Parish Councils (within Sedgemoor):

Schools and educational venues:

Providers (owners/managers) of facilities, venues and recreation spaces: 

Sports and recreation clubs:

Governing Bodies for sport:

League Representatives:

Neighbouring Authorities (including neighbouring Parish Councils):

pdf facility provider survey [328.93KB] pdf governing body survey [132.98KB] pdf league rep survey [126.35KB] pdf neighbouring authority survey [126.12KB] pdf parish council survey [179.82KB] pdf resident survey [193.52KB] pdf schools survey [158.97KB] pdf sports club survey [159.66KB]