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Let there be light (s) - Bridgwater Town Bridge

Bridgwater Town Bridge will now be lit up on a nightly basis from this evening after the final commissioning and design tweaks for the 25 plus lighting designs.The lights will now come on automatically at about ten minutes before sunset each night and there are bespoke designs for each season and for special occasions, including carnival, Christmas and New Year. 05/10/18

The lighting of the town bridge is one project in the Bridgwater Town Centre Support Scheme, which is funded from EDF Energy's Community Impact Mitigation Fund monies through the bid on behalf of Bridgwater Town Council, Sedgemoor District Council and Bridgwater Town Team.

The lights are owned and will be maintained by Bridgwater Town Council.

There will be a formal 'switching on' ceremony during the Snowflakes Christmas light switch-on event on 22nd November and a special design is being prepared for the event.

The Bridgwater Town Centre Support scheme will help to deliver a number of projects over four years. These projects aim to increase footfall into the town centre, build a stronger shopping offer, deliver new and improved town centre events to bring more people in and connect the town centre to the England Coast Path. There are plans (as part of the Celebration Mile) that will see an improved street-scape on the High Street and in Fore Street, including the architectural lighting of the historic town bridge, de-cluttering of street furniture, improved signage and replacement of dying and diseased trees. The Bridgwater Town Centre Support Project, was submitted to the CIM Fund by Bridgwater Town Council, in collaboration with Sedgemoor District Council and Bridgwater Town Team.

The Hinkley Point C Community Impact Mitigation Fund was negotiated with EDF Energy as part of a wider mitigation package for the site preparation works at Hinkley Point.