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Brownfield Register

What is in this data?

A register of previously developed land within the Sedgemoor District Council area considered appropriate for residential development (brownfield land register).

The co-ordinates are for British National Grid [epsg:27700]

What does each column mean?

Icon for pdf BrownfieldLandRegisters-DataStandard [537.29KB]

How often is it published?We will publish this data annually.

The data available for download is:
Revision 2 - 27th November 2018

Improving the dataMore regular updates.
Why we publish this type of dataLegal requirement

Our data is provided under the terms of the  Open Government Licence.

How to ask for more information

If you have queries with any of the information listed in the data, please contact us specifying what additional information you require.


Icon for csv sedgemoor_brownfieldregister_2018-11-27_rev2 [24.99KB]
Icon for pdf sedgemoor_brownfieldregister_2018-11-27_rev2 [434.65KB]
Icon for zip Brownfield Register [20.15KB]

The Brownfield Register can also be viewed within  Interactive Mapping