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Budget Consultation

Sedgemoor District Council wants you to have your say in how the Council should spend your Council Tax.

Take part in our Budget Consultation here.

Final notice

To stop further action you must now pay the full amount of Council Tax as you have forfeited the right to pay by instalments. If this does not occur then the Council will seek a Liability Order against you.

You will receive a final notice if:

  • Your instalments have been cancelled because you have not paid the correct amounts on the correct dates shown on your Council Tax bill.
  • There are no instalments left to pay but you still owe us some Council Tax.

The amount owed is shown on the final notice. To stop any further action being taken you must pay the amount owed within seven days.

Once your full account has become due, a Magistrates Court Summons may be issued, this will include extra costs and may result in enforcement proceedings to recover the debt.

If you are in arrears with your Council Tax and wish to discuss payments or the actions being taken, please contact us as soon as possible.