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Sedgemoor District Council are reminding residents that there are no planned ordinary elections in Sedgemoor this May

However, do make sure that you are on the electoral register - contact your local council or go to

Health Walks in Sedgemoor

Health Walks are designed to attract people of all ages who want to improve their health, meet new people as well as explore their local environment. Walking groups are led by trained Volunteer Walk Leaders who have reached the standard of delivery set by the national Walking for Health initiative.

Macmillan Cancer Support and the Ramblers Society now manage the national Walking for Health initiative giving people the opportunity to take part in short, free and local health walks in communities across England. The partnership demonstrates an ambition to help people (including those affected by cancer) discover the joys and health benefits of walking.

Walking 4 Health Health Walkers

Launched in 2014, 1610 in partnership with The Bridgwater Way now co-ordinate a local programme of shorter walks of 30mins in length catering for those recovering from illness or injury who want to socialise in a supportive environment. They are also suitable for families or anyone new to walking who might lack the confidence to attend the Sedgemoor Health Walks scheme below. These walks start from accessible local venues and take place twice a month on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Highbridge Health Walks

Marine Cove Walkers We trialled easy going accessible health walks in Highbridge on Tuesday 5th and 19th July 2016 starting from Highbridge Medical Centre and are looking to hopefully setting up a permanent walking group for Highbridge residents working alongside the medical centre in Pepperall Road.

For more details on this and other walks, please see related documents below.

Sedgemoor Health Walks

Health walks are operating across the district of Sedgemoor and Sedgemoor District Council are supporting Zing Somerset in their promotion to try and get people in the area active.  The walks vary in length and a detailed ability level is listed on the Zing Somerset leaflet, which will be available to download shortly and their website.  The walks are operated by trained volunteer walk leaders who co-ordinate the groups and take a register.  The walks are a great way to meet new people and get active at the same time, maybe you would be interested in hosting a walk where you live.  Join one of the volunteer walk leaders throughout Somerset on a local walk, or train to be a walk leader for your area.  

Volunteer Walk Leader Training

Do you enjoy walking and like the opportunity to support the 'Walking 4 Health' programme by undertaking some training to become a Walk Leader?

To become a Volunteer Health Walk Leader, you must attend a one day training workshop where you will gain the necessary knowledge, skills and techniques to lead safe and effective walks in your local community. Sedgemoor District Council gained Cascade Trainer status in January 2010 and host annual training for volunteers. The training is open to anyone over the age of 16 years and is free of charge to attend.  If you are interested in running the community walk or know someone who is, please visit Zing Somerset for further details

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