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Searches and fees information

Each year we process a huge number of searches for people making domestic or commercial land/property transactions. Many ordinary people are quite unaware of exactly what a search will tell them.

The LLC.1 requests a detailed search of the Local Land Charges Register, this will reveal such things as Enforcement Notices, Tree Preservation Orders, various agreements and conditional planning permissions.

The Con 29 involves sending questionnaires to the Planning, Building Control, Environmental Health, Highways and Sewerage Departments. In addition, a solicitor may decide to ask his own questions. Unless the solicitor specifically asks, a search will not reveal for instance, a planned extension to an adjoining property,the search takes place on the boundaries of the property outlined.

Drainage enquiries are answered by Wessex Water & for information regarding land or properties not in the ownership of the Council please contact  Land Registry

How long does a search take?

For some time now we have adhered to the voluntary code of practice in keeping our dispatch times within 10 working days of the receipt of the search.

How much does a search cost?

A new charging regime  Icon for pdf Local Land Charges Fees [425.7KB]  came into effect on 31 March 2017. Please note that these charges include VAT

Personal Searches

Any person/agent may make a personal search. An appointment is required at all times and a plan needs to be provided beforehand in order for us to arrange the necessary information and make sure it is ready to view. The information obtained by a personal search agent from public registers is not guaranteed by the Local Authority. The search result is not certified by a Local Authority and any compensation claims would need to me made through the personal search company that completed the search.

Please note that this authority does not provide verbal answers to CON29 enquiries from personal search agents.

Submission of Searches

  • Both the LLC.1 and CON29 forms should be submitted in duplicate at the same time by post, DX or NLIS (see information below)
  • When submitting the search, the correct fee should be presented, payment can be made by cheque or BACS payment (bank details  Icon for pdf Sedgemoor District Council Bank Details [12.79KB] ), cheque's should be made payable to Sedgemoor District Council.
  • Please give an accurate full postcode of the property or land to be searched against.
  • You should submit at least three plans of ordnance survey quality showing the boundaries of the property or land to be searched against, marked clearly in red.
  • Please note that fees are non-refundable.

NLIS (National Land Information Service)

The Council can accept searches through the NLIS hub and return them electronically. The following fees apply:

Fees and Charges (Electronic)
Search Fees (Electronic)Fee (£)
Personal SearchNIL

Additional parcels of land


Solicitors own enquiries


Part 2 optional enquiries CON 29O


CON 29R£94.80



For more information about electronic submission, contact the National Land and Information Service on 020 7251 8385 or visit their website website


pdf Land Charges Fees [155.32KB]