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Sedgemoor District Council are reminding residents that there are no planned ordinary elections in Sedgemoor this May

However, do make sure that you are on the electoral register - contact your local council or go to

11/11/16 - Make the pledge

The Together Team - East Bridgwater, Sedgemoor District Council and SASP are joining forces to encourage residents to make the Brake Pledge for Road Safety Week and join a free family event in Bridgwater.

The organisations are leading a free walking bus during this year's Road Safety Week on Tuesday 22nd November in Sydenham, Bridgwater. A walking bus is a fun, healthy and safe way to get children to school - families, along with a trained walk leader, walk in a group along a set route - in this case to Bridgwater College Academy. Children attending the walk, which picks up families at set walking 'bus stops', will learn about road safety, have themed colouring-in sheets to take away and, depending on numbers, a high-vis jacket for future use. Children under eleven must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Families are being encouraged to meet the walking bus at the following 'bus stops' on their route to Bridgwater College Academy:

  • 8:10am Corner of Parkway and Westonzoyland Road

  • 8:15am Corner of Moorland Road on Parkway

  • 8:20am Corner of Mendip Road on Parkway

  • 8:25am Corner of Halsway on Parkway

  • 8:30am Corner of Fairfax Road on Parkway

Kristy Blackwell, Together Team Co-ordinator said "We are hoping families join the walking bus as a fun and free way of raising awareness on the important of Road Safety. We're also encouraging all residents to spend a few minutes reading about and making the Brake Pledge. The Brake Pledge asks drivers to slow down to 20mph near schools and homes, always be 100% sober when behind the wheel, ensure driver and passengers are securely belted up, keep mobiles on silent and most importantly don't use them at the wheel, be sharp and alert to other road users and pedestrians and be sustainable when considering if you need to drive or could walk, cycle or use public transport. You can make the Brake Pledge by visiting Road Safety Week - Make the Brake Pledge".