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Value of Social Housing Stock

How to ask for more informationIf you have queries with any of the information listed in the data, please contact us specifying what additional information you require.
What formats are available?
  • csv - which can be used with most spreadsheet style programs.
  • pdf - which can be read.
How often is it published?We will publish this data annually.
Improving the dataWe are working to break this data into post code sectors.
Why we publish this type of dataThis dataset is a requirement of the  Local Government Transparency Code 2015.

Our data is provided under the terms of the  Open Government Licence.

What is in this data?

The data categorises the value of our council houses into bands. The data does not identify individual properties.

The valuations are provided as:

  • Open Market Value (OMV) - which is an estimate of the value of each property if sold with vacant possession between a willing buyer and a willing seller. For those properties where an open market value cannot be established, properties are valued based on a discounted cash flow basis for their existing use.
  • Existing Use Value - Social Housing (EUV-SH), which takes open market value for the individual dwellings and applies a discount factor of 35% to reflect the reduced value as a result of use for social housing.

The publication of this information is not intended to suggest that tenancies should end to realise the market value of properties.


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