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Contracts and Tenders

What is in this data?The data lists the contracts awarded by the Council with a value over £5,000.
LicenceOur data is provided under the terms of the  Open Government Licence.
Why we publish this type of data

All councils in England have been asked to make this data available by the end of January 2011.

How often is it published?We will update this data quarterly, but note that you can view up to date information at the  Supplying the South West portal as contracts are awarded.
What does each column mean?

The data contains fields for:

  • OrganisationLabel - Sedgemoor District Council
  • OrganisationalUnit - the part of the council raising the contract
  • ContractReference
  • ContractTitle
  • Description
  • StartDate
  • EndDate
  • ReviewDate
  • ContractValue
  • IrrecoverableVAT
  • SupplierName
  • SMESupplier - to indicate if the supplier is a 'small or medium sized enterprise'
  • VCSESupplier - to indicate is the supplier is a 'voluntary or community sector enterprise'
  • ProcessType
  • ProclassLabel
  • ProclassCode - a classification of the type of goods or services
  • OrganisationURI
What formats are available?
  • csv - which can be used with most spreadsheet style programs
  • pdf - which can be viewed as a document. (Up to November 2015)
  • xlsx - which can be opened in Microsoft Excel. (From February 2016 onwards)
How to ask for more informationIf you have queries with any of the payments listed in the data, please contact us specifying what additional information you require.


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