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What we have spent

What is in this data?

The data files list payments that we have made to suppliers each month, where the combined value of an invoice is over £500.

The type of payments include:

  • payments for goods and services
  • grant payments
  • expense payments
  • grants
  • grant in aid
  • rent
  • credit notes over £500
  • transactions with other public bodies.

Expenses are payments to third parties for reimbursements of out of pocket expenses related to the goods and services directly received by the Council. Not included are expenses received by officers and members in the course of their duties. For senior officers these will be available on a separate data set.

LicenceThis data is provided under the terms of the  Open Government Licence.
Why we publish this type of dataThis dataset has been mandated for publication by all councils in England, by the  Local Government Transparency Code 2015.
How often is it published?We aim to provide a new set of data, within a month of the end of the month that it relates to.
What does each column mean?

The data contains fields for:

  • OrganisationLabel - The organisation making the payment. In our case, Sedgemoor District Council;
  • OrganisationalUnit - The service group within the council that is responsible for the payment;
  • BeneficiaryName - The name of the supplier as it appears on our records;
  • PaymentDate - The date of the transaction
  • TransactionNumber - A unique reference for each payment. Please quote this number if you contact us wishing to know more about a particular payment;
  • Amount - The amount of the payment in pounds. VAT is not included;
  • IrrecoverableVATAmount - Value Added Tax that cannot be recovered;
  • Purpose - This is the description of the Cost Centre i.e. what the payment was about;
  • CategoryInternalName - This is the description of the Subjective Code i.e. the type of goods and services purchased;
  • OrganisationURI - This is a URI that identifies the council. This will become useful as we move towards the Semantic Web;
  • BeneficiaryOtherID - A council generated reference number for each supplier used just for publishing our data;
  • Expenditure Code - This is our expenditure code in the form {Cost Centre}/{Subjective Code}. Note that these codes only apply to Sedgemoor District Council;
  • Capital / Revenue - Indicates the type of Cost Centre;
  • Supported by funding from - Where a payment is from a Cost Centre that has external income. i.e. this is not all council funds;
  • Notes - The URLs of information that can further explain the payment.
What data have we removed?

No rows of data have been removed, so this is a complete list of payments where the combined value of an invoice is over £500. You will see that some values are under £500; this enables us to show how a single larger payment has been accounted for across our cost centres and expenditure types.

There are occasions where the 'Supplier Name' has been replaced with:

  • REDACTED PERSONAL DATA where the data would otherwise identify an individual in the context of their private life.
  • REDACTED COMMERCIAL CONFIDENTIALITY where a confidentiality agreement prohibits the council from naming a supplier.
  • REDACTED SECURITY where revealing the name of a supplier would aid a malicious attack on our information, systems or processes.
What formats are available?
  • csv - which can be used with most spreadsheet style programs.
  • pdf - which can be viewed as a document.
How to ask for more informationIf you have queries with any of the payments listed in the data, please contact us specifying the name of the file you are referring to, the Transaction Number, and what additional information you require.

April 2018 - March 2019 Suppliers Open Data:

Icon for csv SedgemoorDistrictCouncil_PaymentsTosuppliers_January_2019 [49.47KB]
Icon for pdf SedgemoorDistrictCouncil_PaymentsTosuppliers_January_2019 [324.87KB]

Icon for csv SedgemoorDistrictCouncil_PaymentsTosuppliers_December_2018 [58.47KB]
Icon for pdf SedgemoorDistrictCouncil_PaymentsTosuppliers_December_2018 [335.35KB]

Icon for pdf SedgemoorDistrictCouncil_PaymentsTosuppliers_November_2018 [347.49KB]
Icon for csv SedgemoorDistrictCouncil_PaymentsTosuppliers_November_2018 [71.97KB]

Icon for pdf SedgemoorDistrictCouncil_PaymentsTosuppliers_October_2018 [342.34KB]
Icon for csv SedgemoorDistrictCouncil_PaymentsTosuppliers_October_2018 [66.34KB]

Icon for csv SedgemoorDistrictCouncil_PaymentsTosuppliers_September_2018 [61.56KB]
Icon for pdf SedgemoorDistrictCouncil_PaymentsTosuppliers_September_2018 [334.09KB]  

Icon for csv SedgemoorDistrictCouncil_PaymentsTosuppliers_August_2018 [63.71KB]
Icon for pdf SedgemoorDistrictCouncil_PaymentsTosuppliers_August_2018 [338.15KB]  

Icon for csv SedgemoorDistrictCouncil_PaymentsTosuppliers_July_2018 [62.99KB]
Icon for pdf SedgemoorDistrictCouncil_PaymentsTosuppliers_July_2018 [338.74KB]  

Icon for csv SedgemoorDistrictCouncil_PaymentsTosuppliers_June_2018 [88.86KB]
Icon for pdf SedgemoorDistrictCouncil_PaymentsTosuppliers_June_2018 [362.08KB]  

Icon for csv SedgemoorDistrictCouncil_PaymentsTosuppliers_May_2018 [73.08KB]
Icon for pdf SedgemoorDistrictCouncil_PaymentsTosuppliers_May_2018 [348.16KB]  

Icon for csv SedgemoorDistrictCouncil_PaymentsTosuppliers_April_2018 [42.55KB]
Icon for pdf SedgemoorDistrictCouncil_PaymentsTosuppliers_April_2018 [316.96KB]  

Previous years Open Data:

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